Monday, 3 December 2012

It's Another Wet One!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

Why does it seem that all Mondays are wet? Woke up this morning, went out the door to have a wee and what do we find? The Sky is having a wee on us!

It's just not fair, I mean, just how can we get our own back!

Down on The Sea Wall we spent most of the walk investigating new sniffs and I even found a couple of new Mouses sniffs as well!

I can sniff a Mouse!
 I never get to see these Mouses, I hear them, I sniff them and I even see the grass move as they run underneath the grass, but, I've never seen one!

We were sniffin our way along the path and we found some 'interesting' sniffs.

Here, I know this's you!
 Holly was not taking this sniffin seriously enough, she stuck her head into the grass and said,

Ere! This one is Me!
That was it, I'd had enough and gave her the old 'Hairy Eyeball' look that should have told her I was not amused, trouble was, she was looking the other way!

The Hairy Eyeball Look!
 All the time it was dripping with rain, so we didn't hang around too long 'cos we didn't want to get too wet!

Back home and while we were sniffin at the Doggy Scoff, Old Two Legs sneaked out to go and see one of his customers.

When he got back, it was raining but we had been out with The Missus and got back just before it started!

Lucky or wot?

Tonight it is Bambi Burgers for OTL, so that means we get a nibble, providing it is dipped in eggy yoke!

TM has just called him, so we're off to do some mugging!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi Girls,
    looks like you had just as boring a day as we did, MOT, Service, drill a hole in the wall. Boring really and I have no one to mug for any goodies. Still tomorrow looks better. XXX

  2. It was dry most of the day here but as Mike said you had a boring day, better luck tomorrow

  3. I hope you are clever enough to see that Mike had a boring day drilling a hole in the wall, ummmm boring - drilling yesssss
    I had great excitement, I went and paid a cheque in the bank and today had a Flu Jab and like Mike I don't have anyone to mug for Bambi Burgers or shortbread. Come on fun, when will it start? xxxx