Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's a Soggy Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We love Sundays, first of all we have an extra half an hour in bed, before we wake up Old Two Legs by woofing and licking his ear! Once he is awake we go back to sleep until it is time we go for our walk!

It made a change to go out and not get rained on! There were plenty of puddles around and all the paths were very muddy!

We started off with our normal game of 'Chase The Ball', this is where I jump up and woof like mad until Old Two Legs  gets the ball out of his pocket and throws it down the path!

Go On, Throw it!
 As normal, it's a bit of a 'Hit & Miss' effort on his behalf 'cos it sometimes goes bouncing onto the beach and sometimes it flies off into the grass!

Gissa Ball!
Holly joined in with the game this morning and we had a bit of a tussle with the ball, great fun!

I Think I Spot a Rabbit!
We were doing our 'Push & Shove' game with the ball when I spotted a rabbit, well, I have been reading some books on 'Stalking in Scotland' and 'The SAS Book on Creeping Up' and have learnt some cool moves. So,  first of all I get down on my tummy, a bit wet but it will be worth it! Then I start moving closer and only move when the rabbits looking the other way!

Now, I was doing well, I had crept along the path, then into the grass and wiggled my way further using a natural 'Dip' in the ground. As I got up to the bush where the rabbit was last seen, I looked around the corner and was confronted by Holly, grinning all over her chops!

I nearly Got It!
That was it, back to reading and I hope they have a section on hiding from Holly type doggies!

Back home it's Doggy Scoff again for breakfast, so we were not too pleased with that! There is always some dry biscuits in a bowl, so we can keep from starvation by nibbling at them during the day!

Around one thirty, I started making OTL's life impossible, I was jumping up onto his lap then climbing up over his shoulders and licking his ears!

In the end he gets the message!


Because it is so wet and muddy, we have decided to stay away from The Forest 'cos the muddy paths would be too bad for even us, never mind OTL slipping and sliding all over the place! So, back down to The Sea Wall and we met up with a young Westie who said he was a bit wet and damp and a bit chilly, so he got close to OTL and asked him for a cuddle, just to warm up a bit!

Gissa Cuddle?
I was just about to tell him to bug off when his owner came along and put him on a lead and headed off towards their car and the heater!

That sorted him out and we got OTL to ourselves again! That was until we met up with Poppy and Pixie, these two are always good for a laugh 'cos both of them are terriers like us and both are always up for a game!

OTL was throwing their ball for them and Poppy said that they had both been practising the 'Dog Trot', so they both did a bit of a dance, just to show us how they had progressed since we last met.

Doing The Doggy Trot!
I must admit, they were both very good and even doing it with a ball in your mouth was classic!

Don't throw the ball, yet!
Back home I retired to my bed with my books on 'Survival Techniques' to study a better way on sneaking up on rabbits!

Christmas Eve tomorrow, so we will be writing our letters to Father Christmas and OTL says he will get out a Carrot for Rudolph and a Mince Pie for Father Christmas and a slurp of Whisky for his Elf Helper!

You know, there is more to this Christmas thing that you first realise!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

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  1. Hi Girls,
    glad you two didn't get wet today and had a chance to play ball.
    I see you met up with Poppy and Pixie, they seen a nice pair. Must end now and put my stocking up. XXX