Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lazy Lazy Sunday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We just love Sundays, there is no rush and tear about, it's all just smooth and lazy!

After coming back from our walk and getting some chicken breakfast, I just crashed out again in my day bed that I keep in Old Two Legs office.

Sunday Snoozing!

We had been out for our normal morning ramble along The Sea Wall and we even found the fishermen on the beach again. I said that I would carry on telling him about about TM and the ink and Splodging and stuff but he said he was half asleep and needed a little snooze first, so I left him alone and carried on with our 'Sniff Patrol'!

Fisherman making notes on Splodging!
 They did look funny, all hiding in their umbrellas underneath the Sea Wall!

Hiding from the wind!

 So, off we went searching out the sniffs, some were new and others were getting a bit stale!

Nothing new here!
Holly has got a good nose for sniffs and pretty soon found some new sniffs that were fresh!

Mmm! This is new!
 In fact at one time she got so interested in a sniff that we thought she had got lost and it was only after OTL did his 'Come To Me' whistle that Holly found out she was being left behind!

Here I come!
 Lunch time came and off we went again, we had a game of 'Chase the Ball' with OTL and I did my trick to get him to chase me. You see, I normally will get to the ball first 'cos I'm quicker than Holly, so, after I get the ball, I run off into the grass, drop the ball at my paws and have a nibble of grass.

OTL is jumping up and down calling me to bring the ball but as I've said before, I'm no Retriever type and I don't do 'Fetch' games, so, if OTL wants the ball, he can jolly well come and get it!

Spot The Ball!

It was good fun until we got bored with his tantrums!

Holly spotted the Wormy Men out on the mud flats looking for worms but they weren't digging, just looking. Hey! says Holly, do you think they've dropped a fifty pence piece?

I'm sure I dropped it here!

Along the path came Dougal, all full of the joys, he said hello and we had a bit of run around until he got called away to finish his walk.

This is a bit chilly Girls!
Back home it was good and warm, unlike the weather on the Sea Wall, so we were looking forward to curling up and having a snooze until dinner time when we expect to mug OTL for some Bambi Burger dipped in eggy yoke, which is one of our favourite nibbles!

So bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi Girls,
    just a lazy day then and the only encounters where Dougal and the Fisherman. love the spot the ball one. AND a power station sneeked in again I see. XX

  2. Yeah .... I'm not so keen on the Power stations Daisy.... Love the shot of Holly .. and the one of the fisherman taking 'splodgeing' notes! .... soooo funny !

  3. Power Station???????? That's Sheerness Docks!

  4. It maybe Sheerness Docks but there is a PS in the background.

    You two are lazy on a Sunday, just like me