Thursday, 13 December 2012

Not so Frosty Today

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We were out this morning a little later than usual 'cos Old Two Legs was on the phone talking to one of his customers!

The frost was not so heavy as yesterday but it was still a bit nippy! There was ice on The Sea Wall and along the path as well. OTL was still trying to capture the light as the sun climbed higher into the sky!

Look! Sheerness appears again!
Holly was spending a long time with her nose in the air sampling the sniffs on the breeze, trouble was, the breeze was almost gone, but, she still said there were some interesting things there, like, Bacon and Mushroom and Fried Egg and Fried Bread and Heinz Beans from the road side cafe on the Sheerness Docks!

What a Nose she's got!

Mmmm, Breakfast!
She spent so long sampling the sniffs that OTL and I got miles ahead of her and when she suddenly realized we were almost out of sight!

I've not seen her run so fast for ages!

Holly at twenty miles an hour!
When we got up to the top path there was a big woof from ahead of us and that big bozo of a Labrador came bounding down the hill to give OTL a cuddle! Blow me down but as soon as he left us we heard, 'Hellooo Girlie's!' and there was Barney bounding along the path!

Hello OTL!
Hello Girlie's!

Hey Girlie's he said, I've been house bound for the last week, sprained leg you see, too much running around on the ice! I'm OK now but still have to slow down a bit!

Then he went charging off after his ball!

So much for taking it easy!

My butt is getting cold!
While OTL was having a chat with Barney's owner, Holly sat down to wait and said that she wasn't feeling very bright and how can we get OTL to get a move on!

It wasn't too long before we headed back to the car and onto home. OTL gave Holly a brush and when it came to the Puppy Choc Drops we get after a brush, Holly said that she didn't feel like them and refused! Now that is not like my sister, any food, she would be first in line!

Off she went and we both declined the Doggy Scoff that The Missus had put down for us, and both of us headed up to our day beds and spent the morning snoozing!

Lunch time came and Holly was still not in a good mood, in fact she declined a walk, preferring to stay in bed to continue her snooze!

OTL and I headed off to The Sea Wall again and we had some fun with me chasing the ball and OTL trying to keep in on the path!

I was having a sniff along the wall when I heard a woofing back down the path and I spotted Archie who is a bit of a Scruff Bag but a nice lad really. In fact, I think Holly fancies him 'cos she is always discussing sniffs with him every time we meet!

Hey, is that Archie?
He asked that we pass on his best wishes to Holly and hope that she feels better soon.

We came across that big fungi that OTL was hoping to photograph when it got bigger but it looks like some one has bumped into it and broke it off at the bottom!

So, back home we got a welcome from Holly, it seems she stayed in bed while OTL and I were out and after that she got up on the sofa and went back to sleep again!

I must admit, I joined her and we both had a snooze that lasted until dinner time, OTL's dinner that is!

TM has just called him to come down to dinner, so, we are off to do some serious mugging, it sniffs like Gammon tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hope Holly feels better soon x

  2. Hi girls,
    just love it when Barney comes bounding on to the scene he is such a character.
    Poor Holly get better soon. Smashing blog Daisy. XX

  3. I hope Holly is feeling better, refusing food is not like her. Good old Barney, he does make me laugh, he is so springy, maybe he could give you a piggy back ride when you are feeling tired. Pity about that mushroom, it did look very big, shame. Tomorrow it is suppose to rain so make sure you look after OTL and don't let him get too wet. xx