Monday, 2 January 2012

Another Days Holiday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We had some fun last night, around three thirty we jumped up onto Old Two Legs bed and gave him a 'Wake Up' lick, then jumped off the bed. He knows what that is, it's the 'We Wanna Wee' signal. We know it is a waste of time doing it to The Missus 'cos by the time she has woken up and got down stairs, we might have had an accident!

Poor OTL, he gets all the good jobs! Still we let him sleep in until nine before he got the old 'Cold nose and Wet Lick' treatment again!

He didn't even have time for his breakfast before taking us out!

First of all Holly tried flying again. I am sure she must know by now that she has just got to loose a few kilos before she can get airborne!

Nose Wheels Up!
 We had a good run down the Sea Wall and Holly was getting a bit ratty about not flying. In fact, she even stopped at a Two Legs who she thought was laughing at her and gave her the old 'Hairy Eyeball'!

You Looking At Me?
Just to make her feel better I suggested we go hunting sniffs on the beach, which was OK to begin with. Then we got into a bit of shoulder shoving at a particularly interesting sniff.

Shove Off, This is My Sniff!
Well, after that first shove, it was only a few seconds before another fight started!

Another Fight!
OTL told us off for fighting and threatened to put us on the lead if we didn't behave, fat chance, he has got to catch us first!

But we did go and have a sniff around the grass bank and even stopped to let OTL explain all about modern Cave Art and to prove a point he took this picture that not only shows the 'Cave Art' but also a bit of a Power Station!

Modern Cave Art!
Really, we thought it was a bit boring, but we have got to keep him happy and look like we're interested!

Then along the beach a bit further we came to the Power Station Outflow, now, the only way I can describe it is like this. You see, the power station is doing loads of work making electricity and getting all hot while it's doing it and so, it needs a drink of water to help cool it down a bit. So, if it is like us, when we get hot, we get thirsty and have a drink of water. After the water has cooled us down, we have a wee to get rid of the water. Simple really, even a dog can understand that!

Power Station Wee!
Now, you didn't expect that did you!

OTL spotted a Black Headed Gull standing in the water looking at it's own reflection. OTL said that some birds do that and think they have a friend to talk to when all their mates have left them. We think that OTL has been getting some strange ideas of late, maybye he has been having too much whisky, or not enough!

Mirror Mirror on the Beach, who is the Prettiest Gull of All?
Holly and me reckon we are surounded with weirdo's and we are the only sensible puppies we know, except OTL, but we are not always sure about him!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly