Thursday, 26 January 2012

A very Pooy Puppy!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

Last night Holly and me were on 'Puppy Patrol' all night. Every couple of hours or so we would get up, jump up on Old Two Legs bed and lick his ear to let him know that we were about to do the rounds and check for intruders. After licking OTL we would give The Missus a quick slurp on the ear as well, just to make sure she knows that the house is safe when we are guarding her!

Normally we march in single file, picking our paws up and marching in step. First into the office and then into TM card room and then the bathroom and, well you get the idea!

We cover the whole house, inspecting every corner and under the tables and behind all the curtains.

If we find anything suspicious we give a 'Woof' and both inspect it before deciding if we should wake OTL up for a more serious inspection!

We managed to refer our findings back to OTL three times last night, one thirty, three fifteen and four fifteen! We thought we were being good Guard Dogs, TM said we were close to being sent to the Dogs Home!

It was late when we went out for a walk this morning, OTL over slept!

It was funny watching him stagger along the beach all half asleep while we did our 'Marching Practice' along the wall!

Hup! Two Thee Four!
We woofed at the Wormy Men but they were too far out on the mud to hear us and OTL got all 'Artistic' with their boot prints!

Tracks of the Wormy Men!
 Guess what? We met up with that Dopey Collared Dove again! We asked him why he kept hanging around the beach when all his kind were in the fields, he said he was a 'Closet Sea Gull' and was thinking of growing web feet. Holly said that it was a bit too strange for her and headed off to chase a sniff that had come in on the wind!

I'd rather be a Sea Gull!
 Back for a snooze in OTL's office while he made up bits to send off to his customers.

In the afternoon we all headed off to The Farm, well we had not been there for a while and there were bound to be some new sniffs in the woods.

We smelt Badgers and Foxes and I saw a squirrel that Holly an I chased all the way down the hill until he shot up a tree! Holly and I stood at the bottom and woofed at him but he wouldn't come down again, Wimpy Squirrel!
Squirrel Chasing.
 Then Holly caught a sniff of a Badger down one of the holes and woofed a big Hello down the hole but there was no movement down there at all, we reckon they were all asleep for the Winter.

Wake Up Badgers!
 We were wandering through the wood and OTL was a little ahead of us, Holly suddenly stopped, nose in the air and said 'Hey! get a load of that Sniff!' Then she rushed off to the side and was snuffling around on the ground. I had a sniff but it wasn't really my sort of sniff, a bit too strong for me, but not for Holly.

She started to have a roll in it, starting with her shoulders and gradually working her way down to the tip of her tail.

Then OTL turned around and saw her.


OTL can get all showy off sometimes and this was one of those times. He marched over to Holly who was turning around in a circle, just to make sure of an even spread across her back.

'You are going to get a wash when we get back to the car' was his only comment and he clipped her onto the lead and we headed for the car.

A rub down with some baby wipes got some of it off but it took a good washing when we got home to get it all out of her fur and boy did it pong the car out! It was a good thing OTL's sense of smell is very poor or he may have made Holly walk home, I mean, even my eyes were watering a bit by the time we got back!

Another fun day!

See you tomorrow, just one more day until the weekend and another adventure, we hope!

Bye, bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (A cleaned up Smelly Nellie!)