Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cold & Windy Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We had some fun last night, we went to bed a little later than normal 'cos we were mugging Old Two Legs for some shortbread and his stash of Cheese Straws. (OK for a nibble or two but we couldn't eat a whole pack!)

So, there we were around eleven, climbing the stairs to bed, a quick lick and a chew of our Rawhide before wandering off to our beds. Around two in the morning, The Missus gets up for a wee and turns on all the lights to see where she's going, (OTL didn't do that last week and ended up bumping into the bedroom door and getting a lump on his forehead!)

So, there we were all awake and wondering what all the commotion is about. Well, we couldn't get back to sleep, Holly wandered off down stairs and sat by the back door, then she gave one of her 'I Wanna Wee' woofs, at the same time I was licking OTL's ear and doing my little whine.

TM knowing what was going on, elbowed OTL in the back and told him that we wanted to go out.

So, there we were in the early hours having a run around the garden, woofing at the stars!

This morning we got up late!

Off for our walk along the Sea Wall we got some really good sniffs on the beach but the wind was so strong they were being blown all over the place!

Hey! This is a good Sniff!

As soon as you find the sniff, it went!

Oi! Come back here sniff, I haven't finished yet!

OTL tried sneaking up on a Curlew but Holly scared it off.

Curlew about to fly!
Holly was trying to fly again!

Lift Off Speed, Carriage Up!

We met up with a Greyhound type of dog called Redding, yes, we thought that was a strange name as well but you can't choose your own name!

This doggy had only three legs, one of the back ones was missing! Well we looked and were a bit taken aback but we didn't say anything, 'cos, well it would be rude to mention it on our first meeting, maybe if we met again we could ask about it!

 The afternoon walk was good, we went down to the New Park, the wind was still blowing and I even found some snow still frozen on the ground from yesterday!

Look! Frozen Snow!
 We met one lad who was wandering along, minding his own business, when Holly calls out 'Yo Man, How's Your Belly for Spots?' He was a bit taken aback and while he was looking at Holly and thinking of something to say to this little madam, I sneaked a Crafty Sniff before he knew what was happening!

A Sneaky Sniff!

Holly and I were having a great game of 'Chase The Ball', OTL would kick it along the ground and Holly or I would get to it and try to hang onto it while the other tried to take it way.

Now that was OK until we started to get what OTL calls 'Competitive'

Ball Chasing with Sis!
 What happens is we pick the ball up and run away, the other tries to get it by chasing and grabbing from the mouth. This is OK most of the time, until one shoulder charges the other, who the retaliates by kicking out with the back legs and trips the first one up! So, the first one tries to grab the collar and wrestle the other to the floor but that only makes the second one cross and she drops the ball and tries to grab the first ones collar as well and..........................That's When The Fight Starts!

Another Fight!
 We had gone down the New Park in the big car, which was great as far as we are concerned, you see OTL has heated seats in this car and after a run in the cold wind, it's great to curl up on the passenger seat and get warm again, quickly!

Guess what we have tonight? That's it, Lambs Heart and biscuits. OTL says that if we eat too much Lambs Hearts we will turn into a sheep!

All Holly and I say to that is................Baa!

Bye bye all, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly