Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More Fun with OTL

Hi Woofers!

D&H here again!

What a sunny day! On the way down to the Sea Wall we saw some blooms coming out on the trees.

There was Flowering Cherry and Hawthorn or maybe Blackthorn, but it looked good!

Holly had some fun running along the wall, chasing OTL as he tried to take her photo!

Quick! Focus!
We saw the Corvid family having breakfast and one had the contents of a whelk shell in her beak!

Even Holly said she would pass on that one!

Sea Food Breakfast
 Holly said we should have our photos taken to show what super looking puppy's we are, so she just stood there and did her best 'Look at Me' pose and even curled her tail around as well!

Looking Good or Wot!
 OTL got side tracked with the Sea Weed on the tree and stopped to take a picture. So, I didn't get my 'Special' picture taken 'cos I got interested in a super sniff in the bushes!

Still, OTL got his Sea Weed photo!

Sea Weed Again!
Lunch time we were back down at the Sea Wall and we saw some strange birds. You know, they only had one leg each!

I said it was a new species, OTL said that they were resting the other leg, Holly says that they were the Lesser Spotted One Legged Sea Chicken!

One Legged Sea Chickens!
All the way back home, Holly was talking about the correct way to cook a Sea Chicken. Also which was better, roast or fried or stewed!

OTL had to work this afternoon so we stayed in and had a cuddle with The Missus, nothing too strenuous, I mean, we have got to save our strength for this evenings snooze before we go to bed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly