Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday, Rain Day!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Wot a day! This morning we went out for our normal promenade along the Sea Wall, instead we were blown back, soaked to the skin and blown almost inside out!

Well, we did our business in double quick time, in fact it could even be a record!

Then as we turned to go along the Sea Wall Path I jumped up and saw the car back in the car park, 'Hey! Holly!' I called 'There's the car, lets go Home!'

Look What I See!
That was it, we both ran up the path and stood round the back of the car where we normally get in.

It didn't take Old Two Legs long to find us and he was laughing and called us 'A Pair of Wimps'

Wimps or not, at least we're not Stupid!

Back home for a warm cuddle and a snooze in our Day Bed until lunch time!

We looked into the back garden and saw a Collared Dove sitting on the Bird Feeder, he was not a Happy Birdy, poor thing looked Cold, Wet and Miserable!

Not Happy!
What made it worse was the feeders were all empty!

This afternoon the sun came out for a little while, so off we went again for a walk and it made a change not to get wet!

This evening it was all cuddles and mugging OTL for nibbles!

We must wish Michael well for his operation tomorrow, he's off to get his sinuses sorted. That will mean he can enjoy the sniffs better than he can at the moment!

The Missus said that he will come back with two black eyes, does that mean he will look like one of those Panda's they have in the zoo?

Mr Goodes?
Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly