Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rabbit Stew and Squirrel Pie

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy & Holly, the Dynamic Sisters!

Out this morning we bumped into Mr Corvid who was mooching around looking for breakfast. 'Hey!' he says, 'Why don't you catch a rabbit and then I can take home the bits you leave and make a Rabbit Stew?'

My recipe for Rabbit Stew is........
Holly and he had a discussion about how to do a tasty Rabbit Stew using everything except the fluffy tail!

So, fired up with enthusiasm, Holly went steaming off to chase the rabbits.

Holly missing the rabbit, again!
 As you would expect, no rabbit and no rabbit stew!

Our lunch time walk took us to The Forest where I was going to get a Squirrel, just so I could have Squirrel Pie!

Well, we tracked them and chased them and run ourselves around in circles for ages!

A Rose Ringed Parakeet kept laughing at us and said we were too slow to catch a cold!

Holly suggested that he come down and we would explain all about chicken soup!

Quick, it's over there!
There were times when we go really close, like the time we spotted one hiding behind a tree trunk, trouble was, he was hiding from someone else!

Is it safe to come out yet?
We got near to the end of the forest path and spotted four squirrels on the ground, in we went but as soon as we got close, they all shot up the tree trunk, except one and he dived into a pile of logs.

He went under here!
Holly reckons that he was related to a rabbit 'cos we couldn't find him and we think he went down the rabbit hole!

Ho Hum! Back home to Lambs Heart and a nibble of a carrot!

One day, one day we will catch them!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly