Sunday, 28 October 2012

Chilly Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Now how many of you forgot to put the clocks back last night? In our house there is no problem with that as the clocks here are controlled by a radio signal and change automatically during the night. However, that doesn't help Old Two Legs, 'cos he had to be 'On Site' at dawn to make the most of the daylight, so at 06:45hr there he was tools in hand a bashing away!

We don't know if he was awake, but at least he was working!

Poor old thing had to leave home about 05:30hr to get there in time. Of course, we got up and waved him good bye, then went back to bed to continue our night time snooze!

Now, Angela asked where we got our coats from, well that's a long story but we won't bore you with the details!

They are manufactured by 'Timber Woof' and they can be found on

Not that we know anything about this company, but they sell the coats we wear and they got some other really swish coats as well!

The Missus took us out first thing and we went across The Farm and now they have taken in the harvest it is always a problem finding somewhere to 'Do Your Business' , you see, unlike Holly, I like a bit of privacy!

Back home for Lambs Heart, a snooze and wait for OTL to return home. I like sleeping on his pillow or one of his coats when he goes out without us, it's sort of comforting to cuddle up to his sniff!

Back he came around midday and we gave him a super 'Puppy Welcome' with loads of licks and woofs!

Then he settled down to play with a dead mosquito, yep, that's right, a dead mosquito!

We told you about his new toy, well here is his first attempt at macro photography.

This is a dead, dried up, dust covered husk of a mosquito that we found on the window ledge. You see OTL doesn't do any cleaning in his office and that way we can normally find some insect, dead, when he wants to play!

A Very Dead Mozzy
 Then he turned it around on the plinth.

The other side of a Dead Mozzy!
And now for the Yuk bit!

A Mozzy's Stabber!
 By the way, the Plinth is a Kitchen Paper Towel holder he attacked with a saw and the 'Stage' is made of the cardboard he uses to mount his photos. (When he wants to show them off!)

The Stage
OK, That's enough of that boring stuff! We have told OTL that if he wants to photograph insects he should do it when they are around, not when they are dead or hibernating, like wot they are now!

It was raining at lunch time, so OTL put our coats on us. You know, I'm getting used to the elastic that goes under my legs. Holly on the other hand still says it makes her feel funny when she's walking, it sort of 'Grabs' she says.

It still grabs a bit!
I said that she always looks funny when she walks and it's got nothing to do with her coat, more the size of her butt!

.....and, that's when the fight started!

We decided that Holly's coat fitted her best of all, even if the elastic was a bit tight!

A Neat Fit!

Me, being slim had to have the Velcro strap right up to the end and of course, there was a bit flapping over the end!

Slim Line Daisy!
 I have no trouble walking and running but Holly says she feels funny running but she can trot. I said that we could invent a new dance call The Dog Trot!

Holly doing the Dog Trot!
 Of course, me being a better dancer than Holly got going and kicked my legs higher than her!

Me doing a better Dog Trot!
 Holly says that she is almost looking forward to her hair cut next Friday, although our fur keeps us warm but it keeps getting in our eyes!

Holly says that one of the best thing about the wind is, it keeps the fur out of our eyes!

I see you!
 Tomorrow it's back to work for OTL but we are planning a lazy day, you know, snoozing and then napping and even a sleep!

Life's pretty good!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (That's a Dog Trot not a Fox Trot!)