Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Day of Pills & We Meet The Master Class!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again!

D & H & S back with you!

We were up early today for The Missus to get all her stuff up to the village hall for her Master Class! That done off we went to The Sea Wall for some fun and games. It was a bit of a chilly wind from the East and we were glad OTL had put our coats on us!

The sunrise was a little earlier or we arrived too late but it was still a pretty sky!

Leaving with The Tide
We met up with a doggy that was having a 'Fast Walk' well that's what he called it 'cos his owner was on a bicycle, holding his lead and he was trotting beside her! Holly wanted to know what happens when he needed a wee or a sniff, 'Well' he said 'I stop quickly and she nearly falls off the bike!'

A Three Way Sniff!
 We all had a good laugh about that one!

Yesterday, after all that kerfuffle at the vets, Old Two Legs forgot to get our worming tablets! So after our stroll along The Sea Wall we headed off to the vets for the tablets. More money OTL has give them! Then we headed off to the Doggy Shop and this time we went in with OTL, he marched up and down the isles and picked up a carry cage for Snowflake so if she needs to go to the vet, then we got another litter tray for the bottom floor in Snowy Heights.

You know, a ferret with so many floors could sometimes get caught short and OTL says that it's always handy to have a downstairs loo when that happens!

Next it will be jacuzzi on the top floor so she can entertain all her mates when they visit!

Lunch time came and we were in for a treat. TM had commanded OTL to bring us all up to the Village Hall to be introduced to everyone there and Snowflake was to come as well!

We had a good time running around saying 'Hello' to everyone there and we were on our best behaviour!

We met some of the ladies who are 'Followers' of this blog and also our latest member Chris!

Snowflake was let out of her carry cage and had a wander around on top of a table. You know, she even got stroked but only when OTL was holding her! Mind you, she didn't like being put back into the cage to go home, so she whipped around and nipped OTL with her fangs and managed to draw blood!
That'll teach him!

Down on The Sea Wall it was getting up a good blow! The waves were white crested and that's something we haven't seen for a while down here in North Kent!

White Horses

We didn't see any doggies we knew and only spotted a couple but they were too far away to say hello to!

We did spot a Curlew standing on the shore waiting for the tide to go out.

Waiting for the tide to turn.
There were two Ringed Plovers up close to the Sea Wall as well, but they didn't hang around long enough for OTL to get a good shot of them!

I am just about to fly!

Back home we settled down to a snooze and Snowflake did the same, curled up in her Poo Pot again. So OTL picked her up and put her in her bed then spotted she had missed the new poo tray and had gone in the corner!

That ferret has got to learn where she can go and where it is not good manners to go!

TM came home late afternoon and we gave her a really good 'Welcome Back' lick and a woof!

Tonight I'm going to have an early night 'cos I was up too early and haven't had a decent snooze all day!

See you tomorrow, by the way, TM has been talking about The Snow Fairy coming back soon. I wonder what Snowflake will make of that!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake


  1. Hi Girls, I was so pleased to meet you both in person today, thanks for bringing snowflake to see us at TM’s workshop. You caused a great deal of excitement bringing OTL with you as we don’t normally allow men into our group. Don’t forget what I said, no telling OTL or TM about the biscuit I fed you, as you’re supposed to be on a diet, our secret eh girls… xx

  2. TM's ladies were very lucky, not just in attending one of her classes but meeting you three & OTL. xxx

  3. Hi Girl,
    What a great blog, plenty of things going on,that Snowflake seems to be the star of the show and what a spoilt lady she is too.
    Nice shot of the birds and especially the Curlew but don't tell OTL. XXX

  4. Sorry about the worming tablets, you tried to set up a diversion but didn't succeed. How wonderful to meet all the crafty ladies, I bet they all loved you and now Snowflake has got in on the act too. With her carry cage she can go on outings and join in some adventures although some are only for you and Holly. Don't let her near the rabbits or squirrels. You make a fine trio. xxx xxx xxx