Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Snowflake gets a Sore Tummy &The Missus gets WMD!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again.

You will excuse Snowflake today but she is a bit groggy and sore from her operation today and has buried herself in OTL's fleece which she loves curling up in!

As Old Two Legs says 'She's had her Bits Sorted'!

She is sleeping at the moment and we are creeping around trying not to make any noise!

Now, we have a serious problem and need some help.

As you know, we are 'Attack Guard Dogs' and we take our job very seriously. Any small, unexpected noise gets attended to and if we feel that some sort of response is required, we provide the response in the appropriate manner!

Now, sometimes that could be a growl or maybe a small woof and even a Loud Woof. There are times when we judge the response requires it to be a Full Blown, Screaming Howling, Snarling & Woofing  type of warning to everyone who can hear us, TM, OTL The Lady next door and the man who lives down the other end of our street!

As experts in guarding we are left alone to decide on the suitable response, normally.

Last night we judged a 'Situation' was developing and did our normal woofing, The Missus shouted at us to stop, we did stop, that was until it started again, so we Woofed again, loudly.

This time we heard TM advancing from behind and expecting her to join in the Woofing we went back to looking for what we were Woofing at.

Then it hit us, WHOOSH! A nasty, unexpected, cold, damp, wet, squirt of water, right up our tails!

Hey! Wot? Yikes! Retreat, Scarper!

There she was with a WMD............Weapon of Mass Drenching!

Holly was shocked into silence, I legged it up the stairs to OTL!

We thought it may have been an isolated occurrence but today when we were woofing at someone walking past our house, WHOOSH! There it was again, another nasty, unexpected, cold, damp, wet, squirt of water, right up our tails!

TM is getting too accurate with that WMD!

What do we do? How do we get that away from her? Is she trying to take over our Guarding Duties or is it she just wants to play with the re used Shower Cleaner Spray Bottle?


It was just about three forty five that the vet telephoned through saying that Snowflake has had her operation and was in 'Recovery' and doing well!

OTL can pick her up any time after four and he has to get instructions on caring for her 'cos she is bound to be sore!

As you can imagine, we were all happy with the good news and couldn't wait to have her back home.

She was a bit 'Hyper' as OTL calls it, at the vet, she was glad to get out, jus' like me, and after getting her back home OTL gave her the medicine to help her sore tummy.

Then she dug a hole in the folds of OTL's  fleece.

He has folded it up and put it in the bottom of the top floor of Snowy Heights,  and now she is snoozing.

Well she needs the rest and she says she is glad to be back home with us all! 

So, that is it for today, OTL has been working, TM has been attacking us, and Snowflake is out of it all together!

Sorry about the lack of photos today but it has been all sort of hectic!

See you tomorrow and Snowflake has promised to show us her scar and OTL may even photograph it!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Oh Daisy, what an evil TM you have, and also thank her for the idea for stopping Archie from digging more holes and trying his best to remove the living room carpet. I would never squirt you Daisy so I'll do a swap if you're up for it, you come here and Archie (who deserves a squirting) can live with TM. Glad to hear Snowflake is home safe and sound, hope she isn't too uncomfortable when she wakes up xxx

  2. Hi Girls,
    So Snowflake has been done and so have you be the sound of it.
    Never mind things will return to normal tomorrow and as the weather is supposed to be nice you may all get a walk although I expect Snowflake will be recuperating in her Towers.
    Watch out for the squirter Daisy. XXX

  3. Thx for the update Daisy. Glad Snowflake is recovering well. What a shock with the water pistols? Sounds like it's been a traumatic day all round x

  4. Well that was a day you don't want to see repeated. So TM has been practising with her WMD as she is getting better, I hope she hasn't been trying it out on the man up the road. Glad Snowflake is back home and I hope she will soon be feeling better, I can picture her snuggling up in OTLs' fleece, bless her.
    You two behave yourselves you are only supposed to make a lot of noise if you are threatened not when a fleck of dust hits the wind. xxx

  5. It sounds like TM got you good, that will teach you to wake her up.

    So you had a lazy day but look out tomorrow.