Friday, 25 January 2013

Snowflakes Little Place in the country!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly and Snowflake here!

What a day! What Fun! What about a tour of Snowy Heights?

Well, we went out late this morning 'cos Old Two Legs had to do a visit early and The Missus couldn't take us out until the Tesco's Man had been!

There we were with all our legs crossed waiting, when OTL came back early!

What a super OTL he is, off we went down to The Sea Wall as fast as the car would go!

We spotted some Brent Geese and  a couple of juvenile Shellduck's that were unsure where they should be!

Do we belong here with you?
We had a super game of 'Chase The Ball' which I won of course, 'cos Holly is just not fast enough and on top of that, she's not really interested in balls!

Mine! Mine! MINE!
We were chasing it at one time when it went over the edge of the Sea Wall and neither of us wanted to go and get it! In the end it was OTL who had to get it!

Well, if you want, YOU go and get it!
When OTL walked up the stairs from the beach I was there to tell him to hurry up and throw the ball again!

Come ON, THROW the Ball!!
It was just as well that OTL went down to get it 'cos the sea was so smooth I might have just had a paddle, just to test the water!
Back home, Snowflake said that she had a request from Jane for more pictures of Snowy Heights and how she had arranged the furniture! So, this afternoon was spent playing about with the camera, with Snowflake directing OTL on what she wanted to show and then she went and started to pose in the Adventure Playground OTL has started building for her!

I can see we will have trouble with her!

So, over to Snowflake for a guided tour of Snowy Heights!

Hello everyone, it's me, Snowflake, and here is Snowy Heights, a desirable residence on two main floors with raised levels to give easy access to the floor above and the drinking fountain.

Lets start with the ground floor. As you can see, there is a downstairs loo in case you get caught short after a run around the office floor chasing the 'Squeaky Toys' I have 'Borrowed' from those two darling little doggies!

As well as the loo, I have a feeding station clipped onto the wall just to the right of the entrance, you can just see it in the picture. As well as the feeding station, there is a china bowl full of drinking water there as well. 

There are two staircases leading to two corner levels that give access to the hole that leads to the second level.

Ground Floor with access to living quarters.
The second level has a loo in the corner plus a feeding station with a water bowl as well. In the back corner there is a raised level to give access to my water bottle, a bit of an excess of water points but as it came with the house OTL has installed it.

Underneath the raised level is my bed. It is a SUPER SNOOZING BED that is warm and comfortable and I can snuggle right down the bottom and under the cushion that is in there. Sometimes I am under it and other times, on top of it, just depends on how I feel darlings!

I forgot, there is a climbing rope there as well but I've not bothered to try it out yet as I can climb up the walls using my claws, it's a Ferret Speciality Trick, you see, we are very good at climbing, especially up OTL's trouser leg! I don't get very far but it doesn't half make him jump!

Dining on the balcony!
Here you can see me having a snack on the balcony which doubles as a door for OTL to allow me out for a run and for him to empty the Poo Pot in the mornings!

The shot below shows the full Snowy Heights in all it's glory!  

Snowy Heights!
To show you just  how good I am, this is me having climbed up the outside of  Snowy Heights right up to the roof! Am I clever or what!     

Do you fancy a tune on the banjo?
As well as Snowy Heights, OTL is in the process of Ferret Proofing the office and building an Adventure Playground for me. So far it is absolutely super. I can run all the way from one end of the office to the other behind all the stuff on the floor. It is amazing the tunnels I can make out of picture frames, tripods and camera bags, especially camera bags, they can turn into sleeping holes if I get a little tired!.

There is this Hole!
Then there is this climbing frame, sorry, tripod!

Easy, Easy, EASY!
 This one below is my 'Den' that I store all the Squeaky Toys after I have pinched them from the Dogs!

Come here and let me bite you!
Then of course, there is the dogs beds, you never know what they have buried under the cushions but I can 'Ferret Out' anything!
It's good for scratching your belly as well!
Finally, here is me having just arrived back at 'The Den' after getting into a very large bag of shredded paper that OTL had taken out of the shredding machine, it went everywhere!

Am I in Trouble?
I hope you enjoyed the tour, so back to Daisy!

Well, what else is there to say?

See you tomorrow and watch out for the Snow Fairy, she is supposed to be back tonight!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake (Property Owner)


  1. Wow, what a posh house Snowflake, looks like you've settled in really well and also you're very lucky to have two such lovely puppies to pinch toys from :) xx

  2. Oh Daisy and Snowflake what a treat thank you. Snowflake please thank OTL as well for letting you show us around your beautiful property. This really is luxury living at its best and shows your astute retirement planning. You are sure to be the envy of all your friends xx

  3. Hi Girls,
    Well to start with, Daisy you must go and get your ball otherwise you will wear out OTL and he ain't getting any younger. I also loved the "come on throw the ball shot" it was great.
    Now turning to the creature that gets the most attention in your house, Snowflake. This is getting out of control Daisy and you are the one supposed to be in charge. Snowy Heights indeed, when is she going to get her own dressing room? She already has three toilets, two beds and a rope that she does not use, the mind boggles. How far is this going to go, will TM and her cards be banished to the shed? Will a lift be installed to bring Snowflake downstairs? What about a bell in Snowy Heights direct to the lounge to call OTL when she has a POO.
    I rest my case, pink harness indeed. Daisy, get a grip before she takes over. XXX

  4. PS I think Snowflake should have her own blog.xx

  5. Michael said at the end of his comment that he rested his case, WELL I am going to rest my three cases as I think it looks a good place to live, more Mod Cons than here so I have decided to move in as well, TM will definitely need to move her cards to the shed to make room. I won't set off until the snow as gone because it is a long walk. xxx

  6. Snowflake has better quarters than me.

    I agree with Mike, Snowflake need here own blog.

  7. A beautiful des-res Snowflake, who’s a lucky ferret then, talk about falling on all 4 feet. You have managed to mug a couple of 2 legs good n proper. I do think Daisy & Holly need to sort out who’s in charge though, come on woofers show her who’s boss! x