Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hello to all you Woofers!

It's Us again, Daisy, Holly and Snowflake!

Well, what happened to the Snow Fairy? She didn't arrive down this end of the world, just a little dusting off her cloak and that was it! We have seen the TV Weather and there are pictures of people with loads of snow but not down in North Kent!

Holly was a naughty puppy last night, just before Old Two Legs went to bed she suddenly decided that she would have a bash at the Doggy Scoff and off she went down stairs as OTL climbed into bed.

About two thirty, Holly was sleeping on the sofa and thought she heard a noise outside, so off she went on her 'Clear Off Burglars or I'll Bite Your Legs' woof. The Missus had to get up and calm her down! Then Holly decided that it would be a good idea to go to her own bed upstairs. So, off she went and took her carrot with her, just in case she fancied a nibble later on.

As she was still upset about the noise she stayed awake, listening, but soon got a bit peckish, so, she had a chew on her carrot which was fresh and crisp and made a loud noise, which woke TM up and had her grumbling for the next half an hour while Holly polished off the remains!

Now, all this late night fun means that Holly didn't want to get up this morning and when it came to going out for a walk, her heart was really not in it! She wanted to go back to bed, but there was no way TM was allowing that, not after the night time woofing and carrot crunching!

Holly just doesn't do mornings!
Mind you, when we got down to The Sea Wall she had woken up and was quite bouncy!

It's not so bad!
I had some fun with OTL, I pretended that I was going to bury the ball in the beach!

Look OTL, bet you can't find this!
TM came with us again but today she put on her 'Bird Watching Coat' and didn't stand out so much but even so, we still reckon she looked like a candle on two legs!

A TM Candle!
Holly spotted a Trolley that someone had left on the Sea Wall, she said that there were some Two Legs that really had no idea about what constitutes good behaviour!

What is worse, the nearest place they could have got it was at least twelve miles away!
 Some of the Two Legs have got Poo for brains and shouldn't be allowed out on their own!

Silly Two Legs!
Back home OTL cleared out Snowflakes cage and let her out for a scamper about while he did it. That's OK while we are out of the office but as soon as we come back OTL has to be on his guard. 

Well, we are Terriers and do things instinctively, like want to take a lump out of Rabbits and Ferrets! 

It's just a Terrier Thing, OK!

Snowflake was doing her 'Investigating' thing and decided to look under the desk, so she scrambled down with her nose and head but forgot that there was no grip and her backside sort of slipped over towards my nose.



But OTL was there and scooped her up before I was tempted too much!

Go on, just a Little Bit of the Flank?
 Lunch time the sun came out and we headed off again. Snowflake is looking forward to getting her harness so she can come with us! I'm not sure that she will be running as far or fast as us but it will be fun.

OTL will be on his guard against doggies and us who might have a go at Snowflake and of course he has to make sure Snowflake doesn't bite any doggies!

Mind you, I wonder how the rabbits will react to a 'Professional Ferret' sniffin about their burrows!

We had some fun playing 'Chase The Ball' and OTL kept throwing it onto the beach and I was getting fed up jumping up and down the wall!

Going Up!
 But at least I did it with STYLE!

This is how it's done!
 Holly said that I was just showing off, I reckon it was 'cos I can jump higher than her!

Show Off!
 Holly and I are still on this diet, no nibbles from OTL but OTL isn't getting any nibbles either, so that's him on a 'Technical Diet'!

If we suffer then OTL is suffering as well, so we don't feel so bad!

 We are off to finish off the Lambs Heart we had this morning, so, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake (Still not on a diet!)


  1. Hi Girls,
    I see Holly was a naughty pup during the night, keeping the whole house awake, Is the whole family on a diet now, I bet Snowflake is laughing all the way to her food bowl.
    Snowflake in a harness, wot next. XXX

  2. Ooooh Daisy, you nearly had a sniff of ferret bott there. What a good girl you are not to jump up and try a taste xx

  3. Sorry Daisy, Blogspot is up to it's old tricks again. Sue is going to comment for me.XX

  4. Me thinks a close call there with you and Snowflake, oh dear. Sorry you missed the Snow Fairy, I don't like the Snow Fairy but it must be great fun for the sledges. We have one in the loft but I don't suppose our Daisy will get to use it for a while.
    Michael said he commented and has noticed that only Elaine is there, he had made a comment about your diets and said sooner you than him. xxx