Friday, 1 February 2013

Back to the Vet for Snowflake and we get WET!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again.

What a Day! Old Two Legs has been rushing around like a Blue Tailed Fly and we had a visitor as well!

First of all we went out for a walk along The Sea Wall, well, it wasn't a walk, rather a paddle! It was pouring with rain, we were swimming, I'm sure we were!

We tried our 'Body Shake' which should get rid of all the loose water on our bodies but today it didn't work, no matter how much we tried!

 By the time OTL decided to head back to the car we were not very pretty looking, all wet damp and unhappy!

I'm fed up with Wet!

 Back home we had a good rub down and a brush which set us up for our breakfast, Doggy Scoff!

Oh Dear! We decided it really was the day to go back to bed!

A bit later we had a visit from Auntie Andrea who had come to visit and catch up on all the news!

OTL introduced her to Snowflake who very kindly licked some Ferretone from her finger! Thus proving that Snowflake is a Ferret and not a Rat as Andrea has been saying.

We reckon that Snowflake should have given her a nip just for thinking that!

Later OTL had to go out so The Missus took us on our lunchtime walk and Holly spotted a rabbit and chased it all around the bushes. TM didn't see the rabbit and even managed to loose sight of Holly!

So that meant Holly was in trouble!

 I think it's better when OTL takes us out 'cos he understands our Rabbit Hunting needs and keeps an eye on where we are, most of the time!

OTL came back a bit later and took Snowflake down to the vet. Now don't panic, there is nothing wrong with Snowflake, she was just going to have a check by the vet to see how her scar is doing.

Well, she got loaded into her Carry Cage and off they went.

When they got in to see the vet, they saw the one that gave her the Distemper injection which Snowflake remembered was a bit painful and he had held her down by the scruff of her neck as well.

Now, as Snowflake says 'You don't do that to a Ferret and think you can get away with it, we got a memory just like any other animal!'

OTL put the cage on the table and opened the door and called Snowflake to come out. She was a bit slow to come out, so OTL got out the bottle of Ferretone to entice her out.

'Come Here' says the vet, shoving his hand into the cage to drag her out, Silly Vet!

With lightening fast reactions, she spotted who had shoved his hand inside the cage and as Ferrets don't like their space to be invaded she sunk her fangs into the vets hand!

The vet withdrew his hand, quickly, in fact very quickly!

 Yikes! He cried, Aaaa-Haaaaaaah!!!!!!

 'Gotcha!' says Snowflake.

 He was the same vet who stuck that needle into me as well and he was the one who shoved a drainpipe into me to embed a chip into my rump!


Got any more vets I can taste?

 OTL opened the cap on the bottle of Ferretone and out came Snowflake took a lick and allowed OTL to pick her up, turn her over and allow the vet to examine her tummy!

You just got to know how to handle a ferret!

Back home Snowflake had us rolling around laughing our tails off when she told us the tale and we cheered at the bit where the vet had to let OTL handle Snowflake!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Hi Girls,
    Sorry you got wet this morning but one good bit of news, Snowflake got the vet. XX

  2. You girls certainly give me a good giggle, well done Snowflake for sticking it to the nasty vet that hurt you and your two best pals! ........ On that point .... I have emailed my friend who is in Australia with the tales of you 3 rascals .... ummmm ....... she's also a vet that I worked with many years ago .... however she would never have been so impatient as to do what your vet did. Daisy, no matter how wet you get, you and Holly always look beautiful. xx

  3. So you had an extra swim today, news has it that the Snow Fairy is due back for a visit but I don't mind as long as she sticks to around your village tomorrow! Well done Snowflake (I mean oh dear poor Vet) he has learnt something today that may come in useful. What's this more Doggy Scoff, do all OTL pennies go on raw chicken for Snowflake? xxx

  4. What a silly vet.. Look forward to tomorrow's adventure girls... Px