Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Misty, Frosty and later Sun Shine!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

After last nights show (Skyfall), Old Two Legs pointed out where they did a scene along Glen Etive where Old Two Legs and his cousin Alun (Pussy Cat) went to do some photographing! 

Jame Bond and OTL! Posh or Wot!

On our walk this morning it was cold, like I mean chilly around the tail and not the weather to hang around in!

Is this supposed to be Spring?
 Of course OTL was there photographing the frost and the pretty patterns it makes!

Frosty Bloom!
We even found a spider that had completed the web yesterday but this morning it had fallen down because of the weight of the frost!

Well, it was all here last night!
It was so misty you couldn't see the buildings across the river, well, you could hardly see the sun!

Misty, Misty Day
It was then that we heard, 'Helloooo Girlies!

....and out of the mist bounded Barney, his coat flapping and with his ball, all ready for a game!

It's Barney!
We had a bit of a chat about the weather and the sniffs and the cold and the price of Doggy Scoff and while we were doing that, Archie arrived!

Let's Play with Yer Ball?
Now Archie is a Spaniel type who has a fixation about balls. He thinks every ball around is his and all he wants to do is chase them!

Barney is kind of attached to his ball as well, so when Barney's owner threw the ball, off he flew like the wind!

Archie didn't stand a chance!

Back home it was Doggy Scoff but this time Turkey and Game in a Meaty Jelly, not bad, I've tasted worse!

Lunch time it was back down to The Forest again to hunt some squirrel!

There's the faint sniff of squirrel here!
We hunted all over the place, plenty of sniffs, but no sight of a squirrel anywhere! We thought that OTL was looking out for them as well but it turned out he was looking at the moon!

It's the Day Moon!
Along the path came a real Bozo, a Poodle chasing a Stick! I mean, just how unpoodle like is that?

Poodles are supposed to wiggle along looking all pretty pretty, not bouncing around with a stick in their mouth!

Now some of the really big poodles, the ones that look like a small horse, they look after cattle and sheep and stuff like that but one this small?

A Bozo Poodle!
OTL went off hunting Jays and found one looking for his acorns, so he crept up behind it, looking to get a picture, just about the time we started woofing at a pigeon!

Too late again OTL!
Mind you, we didn't do any better, so in the end decided to chase each other through the forest instead!

We see no squirrels!
Back home and we have a snooze while OTL does some work in the office and play with Snowflake. She managed to do a poo in the corner by the door and after she went back into Snowy Heights, I showed OTL where is was by sniffin it, it's a doggy thing you know!

Down in the kitchen, Holly was moaning about being hungry and the fact she was wasting away and before long Snowflake would weigh more than her!

OTL got the scales out and told Holly to sit on them.

Guess what?

She is still the same weight!

Did she show off or wot!

These scales are wrong, the needle is stuck and they must be broken!
She wants us to call into the vet and use their electric scales 'cos she wants a second opinion!

Poor Holly, all that cutting back on the treats and she is still the same weight!

Maybe more exercise is the answer, anyone got a running machine we can borrow?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake


  1. Hi Girls,
    Poor Holly and the weight, ring up Trevor, he has an old running machine he kept on falling off of.
    As before Daisy, don't tell OTL but I really like the frosty bloom and the frost scenes in general. Smashing "Archie" pic. XXX

  2. Poor Holly ... never mind, she will soon lose the weight when the summer arrives and OTL takes you on longer 'adventures' .. I agree with Mike ... super pictures !

  3. Poor Holly. Starving and nothing to show for it on the scales. And Daisy...fancy going out on such a cold morning without your coats on. Is this a sign that TM isn't there to take special care of you both? Hope you haven't caught a chill x

  4. Trevors' running machine would be ideal and no need to go out in the cold., you could both exercise on it. Lovely set of pictures today, Archie looks so intelligent and the frosty shots are great. Snowflake blotted her copy book, maybe she is missing TM and it is her way of showing it. xxx

  5. Oh poor Holly ! I know just how she feels, all that going without and no weight loss x