Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rush Rush Rush and that's the Day Gone!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

You know, I started off life with The Missus and Old Two Legs being the only doggy in the house. I had almost total attention to my every need, I got brushed, fed, watered, cuddled, worried over, poo inspected, butt wiped when needed and washed when it got too much!

Then Holly arrived and I had to share everything. Which when you consider that she's my sister, it ain't too bad 'cos we have loads of games and she is there for a chat if TM and OTL are busy doing 'Two Leg' things!

Then Snowflake lands in our garden and things change again. We have to share some of our toys and she gets some of our chicken wings or legs, which we don't mind donating 'cos it must be terrible to be hungry!

OTL keeps a careful eye on us and Snowflake 'cos he says that we are a danger to each other 'cos we might just snap and do each other harm! Not that we would mean to, it's just a sort of natural reaction, as OTL can testify 'cos he has had his hand felt by all our teeth over the time we have been here!

We get to go on adventures, like today down the park. When we get the all clear from the vet, Snowflake will be able to come as well and that will be great fun!

Now today we have  been out for our run along The Sea Wall and of course, woofed at OTL to 'Throw The Ball'. He said that he didn't have it and it was lost!

Silly OTL, we could sniff the rubber ball in his pocket so when he said he didn't have the ball all I said was 'Talk To The Tail'

Talk To The Tail!
Today has been a very busy day for OTL, first of all he had to deliver some stuff to his customers, then down to the repair shop and pick up his big car after they had put some solid gold parts into the workings, well, OTL said that amount they charged him the bits better had be 22 carat gold!

Then we had a couple of hours to kill until he could pick up his new computer. So off we went to the park. It was enormous, it had a couple of big lakes and a golf course, or 'Pitch n Putt' as OTL calls it but whatever they call it, it had sand pits!

Sand pits turned out to be called 'Bunkers' and were part of the game but Holly and I had a great time chasing each other into the sand and digging holes!

OTL was going potty chasing us and filling in the holes after we jumped out to go to the next sand pit!

I reckon we should have them on our beach instead of wasting them on the grass in the park!

There was loads of space to run and chase about and OTL was able to throw the ball as hard as he wanted and not have it go into the lake!

So, now he is up stairs playing about on the new computer trying to get it all working again, ready for tomorrow!

As you have worked out by now, we didn't get many pictures to show you today, unless you want to see a picture of a computer or some nuts and bolts from the car! (Seriously Boring!)

Fingers crossed for OTL and we'll be back tomorrow with more tales of mischief!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. You're such a good girl to share with the others xx

  2. And look how they all enrich your life Daisy ! (Well sometimes I'm sure they do :-) )x

  3. Hi Girls,
    told yer this would happen with that lovely Ferret getting all the attention.
    You are STILL the STAR of the show in my eyes Daisy.
    Now forget about Snowflake and live a little, go fetch that ball. XX

  4. Hope OTL has some pennies left for the Doggie Treats! Still with gold bars fitted to the big car you will be able to admire yourselves in the shiny bits.
    Take care of each other, that is what to do then you can all live in peace and teach some Two Legs how it is done. xxx xxx