Saturday, 23 February 2013

Snow, Snowflake & Snoozes!

Hello Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

We woke up this morning to some more 'Flurries' of snow and there were enough flurries to put a dusting over the cars!

The walk along The Sea Wall was 'Challenging' to say the least. Wind blowing the snow in from off the sea. Old Two Legs says that the wind, snow and weather is coming from the Scandinavian countries, well, all I can say is that they can have it all back 'cos it's too cold for us!
It looks cold and bleak out there!
 We did enjoy some new sniffs and also played a game of 'Guess Who It Is'. It's a good game and keeps us up on using our Super Sniffers!

Mmmm, Staffy and this morning I think!
Holly is very good at this!
 Walking along the beach we saw a strange looking thing up in the air, so, Sniffers set to High, we both had a guess at what it was.

Holly said it sniffed like a pine forest. I said it sniffed like mouldy pile of wood.

Sniffers Out!

Then we went up to the sniff and found out we were both right! It was an old Christmas Tree that had got washed up on the beach. Half of it was in a bad way 'cos the branches were rotting away and there were some green bits left on, so that's where Holly got the pine forest sniff from!

Five Points Each Sis!
Back home we all enjoyed a snooze, even OTL sat down and snoozed for short while, that was until Snowflake started to re arrange her furniture again!

That woke him up! So, he said that after lunch he would take some more pictures of her, especially playing with the 'Cat Tease' that OTL had repaired after Snowflake had ripped it to bits!

So, before we went out for our lunch time walk he set the camera up on the tripod and got it all focused up.

Then we went out down The Sea Wall again. It was still cold and the wind had moved around to a North Easterly! We met up with three real Bozo's!

There was a Staffy that was kept on a lead 'cos he was a bit of a bully, his mate was a big Labrador who, like all Bozo Labradors, had found a stick for his owner to throw!

Here, throw me stick!

His other mate was Poppy, or Potty Poppy, as Holly said  'cos she kept running up to OTL and making eyes at him so she got a stroke!

Go on, gissa Stroke!
Back home we all went up to see Snowflake and take some photos, but she was asleep, I mean, she was even snoring!

I was all for woofing to get her up but OTL said we will leave her until later when she normally wakes up for a game!

 Snowflake decided to wake up just before dinner and OTL tried to get a picture of her doing her 'War Dance' but she was too fast for him!

He only managed this one!

Gissa my Mouse!
Then Snowflake settled down and set about beating up OTL!

OK, Here I Come!
Then she went into 'Tidy Mode' and collected all her squeaky toys and rushed off to hide them behind the freezer!

Tidy Tidy!
Then she started to show OTL how she could sneak up by hiding in the carpet pile! She says she was taught this trick by one of her family, but she couldn't remember who!

Now you see me, Now you Don't!
Then she said that her scar was healing well and there was just a little bit of a stitch left at the bottom but it should dissolve soon.

So, here is the last time you will see it 'cos her fur is growing again!

Wanna look at my scar?

We were having so much fun that I almost forgot about this blog! So, sorry it is a bit late, but you can blame Snowflake, it's her fault!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Hi Girls,
    early on parade tonight, that Labby has a long stick. mind he don't poke your eye out.
    Woopee, more pics of Snowflake and his scar, well that's the last we will see of that. Can Snowflake come and tidy my garage as she is so good at it?? XX

  2. You must be joking Mike as nobody wants to clear your garage,even you....

    Yes Daisy that wind was cold and it is not going to get any better this week. You will have to keep your coat on a bit longer..