Monday, 25 March 2013

Barney #2 & Snowflake gets lost!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

Hasn't it been cold again today? We were out this morning down on The Sea Wall but after a quick wee decided to chase Rabbits instead and rushed off to the Rabbit Bushes. We saw a couple but like before, they didn't stay around long enough for us to have a 'Chat', if you know what I mean!

Drat! The Bunny 's Gone Again!

It was back to the car and full blast with the heaters please! Old Two Legs warmed his gloves up on the heater vent on the dashboard and then gently rubbed them on our ears, absolutely heaven!

Holly and were both sitting on his lap at the same time, warming our tails up!

Back home to some serious snoozing while OTL did his work, then it was down to the town to get some stuff. This time he left us at home saying it would be 'boring' 'cos he wasn't going to go to the New Park or The Forest and as we would be sitting in the car all the time we might be bored!

Us Bored? Never, we do loads of things while he's away, like woof at other dogs and then we woof at anyone who comes close to the car, then we woof at those two legs who don't come close to the car, just in case they think about coming close to the car!

Bored? Never!

Lunchtime we met up with a youngster called Barney, can there really be two Barney's?

I'm Barney! Gissa Cuddle?
This one was about five months old and just fell in love with OTL (Boring) jumping up licking OTL's nose. Then he ran around us, pushing and shoving and at one point I had to give him a 'Woof' 'cos he was getting too excited!

Then off he went and Tickle Me Tail, didn't we meet him again on the way back to the car!

Yeah! Teach me a Trick They'll Love!
That was it, I decided to teach him a super trick and told him to watch carefully 'cos your owners just love it when you do this!

...and the muckier the better!
Let's see how he gets on next time!

Back home to a warm bed and after a while Snowflake got a bit restless and rattled the door to Snowy Heights, so we disappeared down stairs while she and OTL had a game of 'Squeaky' with her toys.

Then OTL had to open the drawer to get something out and, quick as a flash, Snowflake shot in and started to unload the drawer contents into the back.' I want this as well!
This is a good game she has discovered, OTL has to take all three drawers out before he can find her then he has to put everything back while she tries to unload the drawers again!' I'll have the Camera so I can Photograph you!!
She is getting a real sneaky ferret!

OTL brought her down stairs to have a look at the garden, which was horribly cold, so she didn't try to get down, instead she snuggled up into his coat and refused come out 'cos 'It's nice and warm here!'

OTL has been doing some research on Ferret Shows in the area and reckons that he will 'show' Snowflake, just to get an opinion on her looks, but that will have to wait until the warm weather arrives!

Well, we reckon she has all the looks of a champion, just like us!

See you tomorrow, after we've had our tails coiffured!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Super Star)

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  1. Hi Girls,
    I just love Barney#2 he is so sweet and no wonder OTL likes him.
    Yes I know what you mean about the cold, looks like winter is back with us again. XX