Friday, 15 March 2013

He's Gone and left us!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

We are not happy little girls! We have been left all alone, no fun and games, no getting our tummy tickled, no chance of bullying Old Two Legs!

He has left us!


Done a Runner!

This morning we went for our normal stroll down on The Sea Wall, a bit of ball throwing and a few sniffs, we even spotted a boat that had run aground on the mud flats and was waiting for the tide to come back so he can re float!

OH! We're Stuck on The Ocean Mud!
Holly did suggest we run out there and take over the boat but OTL said that we would leave middy paw marks all over the place and they would be terrible to get off the decking!

So we didn't!

Back home we got our brush and a bowl of Doggy Scoff, which we left for a while and followed OTL upstairs.

He started to get stuff out of the cupboard where he keeps his shirts and stuff. Then he started to pack the big bag he uses to store all his coats and stuff in when he goes away!

Does this mean we are going for an adventure?

Well, he is but we aren't!

We will have to stay with The Missus who doesn't throw the ball for us or run into the bushes chasing rabbits with us or let's us hang about enjoying a sniff!

What does she want to do?

Make cards!

This is one she did but had to get OTL to photograph!
So it looks like we have got to spend time listening to TM waffle on about how she is making this or that card and how she does it and ........YAWN!

I do hope OTL gets his stuff done early and get home soon, I don't think we can stand much more!

Mind you, it's going to be fun watching TM try to clean out Snowflakes Poo Pot in the morning!

Snowflake says she is looking forward to the fun and games and how much do we bet her she has TM running around the office with her chasing TM!

More news tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (getting her running shoes on!)


  1. Oh dear :( I do hope you girls protect TM from Snowflake, remember TM is the one who feeds you and if she's hurt, she might not be able to cook your dinners, so that might mean doggie scoff till OTL comes back. xx

  2. Doggy Scoff.....? YUK!

    Maybe we should eat TM instead!

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