Monday, 18 March 2013

Rabbit Stew and a Touchy Ferret!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

Well, Old Two Legs is back and we gave him a cuddle this morning, before kicking him out of bed to get a shower and take us out!

Before he takes us out he gives Snowflakes house a clean and refills the food and water bowl. He also lets her out for her run around the office and a 'Ferret About' to find some more mischief to get into!

This morning she managed to get behind the drawers in his drawer cupboard and empty a load of stuff down behind the drawers, so OTL had to take the drawers out to get it all back!

Needless to say, Snowflake didn't like that, so she nipped OTL on the hand when he tried to put the stuff back!

Snowflake thought it was great fun and then had a great time 'Ducking and Diving' around after her squeaky toys and had great fun with the cat tease as well!

She says it is great to have OTL back 'cos The Missus wouldn't even let her out of Snowy Heights!

Another thing she likes is, getting the last of the milk from OTL's bowl of 'Rabbit Food' he has every morning!

No, I haven't finished yet!
We got down the beach and it was sun shiny and warm and we had a great time doing the 'Chase the Ball' game with both Holly and me taking it in turns to run around with it so OTL couldn't get it!

My Ball!
 We even had a race along The Sea Wall with Holly doing her 'Wall of Death' run!

Outta! My Way, Fast Dog Coming Through!
 Holly spent some time with the ball and spent a long time teasing OTL with the ball, running up to him and just when he bent down to pick it up, she grabs it and runs off!

Betcha can't get the ball!
Back home it was a super bowl of chicken which went down with no trouble whatsoever!

Then it's up to bed for a snooze until lunch time when we bully OTL to go out again!

Lunch time we were a bit naughty, we had a our run around as normal but when we got to the end, there, sitting in the grass were two little Bunny Rabbits just calling out to be converted to 'Rabbit Stew'!

Well, Holly did her normal 'Highland Charge' and went steaming down the path, flat out, tail straight out the back in 'Race Mode' and ears flat to the side of her head.

Ere' there's that dog running down the path again!
As Holly got closer, the rabbits just hopped into the bushes and disappeared, as normal!

I decided to do the 'Foxy Stalk' to get to the rabbits. So, very slowly, I edged up towards the bunny. Every time it put it's head down to nibble a bit of grass, I slowly moved my leg up and down stepping towards the bunny.

I got closer and closer, and closer. At one point I was sure I could just reach out and grab it, so I tried and jumped forward.

Blooming bunny! It just shot into the brambles and down the hole!

Slowly, slowly, catchy Bunny!
Well, I flew into the brambles and commenced to try to dig that bunny out of the hole. I didn't hear OTL calling me out and it was about half an hour before I decided that I wasn't going to have rabbit stew tonight!

Out I came, straight into OTL who told me I had spent too long 'Hunting Bunny' and both he and Holly were about to go home and leave me!

Back home we told Snowflake all about the bunny and she said that if she was there she could have gone into the hole and scared the rabbit out!

Maybe we will have a go at that with her when she gets to go out with us!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Rabbit Hunters!)


  1. Hi Girls,
    Looks like you had a better day than me weather wise, it was raining here at 11.30 am.
    Poor OTL getting a nip again he must be out of practice.
    Still after the wabbits then, you will have to enlist in Snowflake, you two are just to slow !! XXX

  2. That's the closed you have come to catching one maybe getting old is good for you.

    You should take Snowflake with you and then I might get my hat..