Sunday, 3 March 2013

Snowflakes Game With OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you!

Hasn't the weather got better? I mean, it was well above freezing this morning and the wind had dropped to nothing!

Looks like we got a few days of sunshine ahead of us!

It was super on The Sea Wall, we 'Chased The Ball' and then chased some rabbits and Holly reckons that if she was just an inch faster, she would have had a rabbits tail to show Snowflake!

Another inch and it could have been Rabbit Pie!
I reckon she should get her eyes tested 'cos I saw that she was a good ten feet behind the rabbit!

We met up with some Labradors who, for a change, weren't chasing balls or falling all over Old Two Legs!

The little Westie was getting on a bit and said he didn't want a game but 'Thanks for Asking'

Thanks for the invitation girls.

Bozo was all over OTL as normal but even he didn't hang about too long 'cos he had caught the sniff of something further down the path.

When we got home, OTL was up in his office while we had our breakfast and of course, just because we weren't there, he let Snowflake out for a run around!

She collected up her toys and stored them in her new 'Cave', well it's a box that OTL will be packing stuff up in and sending off next week. Better keep Snowflake out of the box when that happens or she will end up in Norfolk!

........and this is my new Cave!

She was in a playful mood and showed it to OTL by giving him a couple of 'Love Bites' when she got excited and close enough!
Come on, tickle my tummy, if you can!
OTL was not too excited about getting nipped!

She spent some time chasing her toys around, especially when OTL started moving them from inside her cave!

Then she chased her 'Mouse' around. This is a 'Pretend Mouse' that used to squeak when you moved it but the batteries ran out and Snowflake managed to rip the squeaky thing out!

OTL sat down with some cord and sewed the mouse back together again, so now she chases the mouse around as OTL jiggles it about!

Gotcha Mousy Mousy!
After the game she went back to Snowy Heights and OTL put her toys back in, so, because she is such a tidy ferret, she put them into her Sssssh bed and then went down to her new bed and fell asleep in there!

Snowflakes a Tidy Ferret!
Lunchtime came and we were out again the sun was shining but there was a little wind blowing as well, I hope that's not a bad sign!

OTL said that it was the first time for ages that he had to set the camera white balance to 'Sunshine'!

You just can't please everyone!

I was doing my 'Digging For England' trick and managed to loose the ball in the pile of sand! OTL had to come down and dig it out himself!

Where's me ball gone?
 OTL saw a Redshank wandering around the pools looking for some lunch!

Lunch time!

 It was so warm that Holly and I decided to have a race along the bank of the Sea Wall, Holly said it was like an American Stock Car race!
Brrrrrrrrm   Brrrrrrrrrm!

We were going so fast that OTL had to lean over the side of the wall to catch us!

When we got back home, Holly and I had a snooze after OTL gave us a brush and a dose of the Anti Flea stuff that makes our shoulders all wet and smelly for a few hours! Mind you, we have never had any problems with fleas!

Snowflake had some more time outside Snowy Heights, chasing her toys around as OTL moves them after she has hidden them!

Hey! This cave has a trap door!

She had a fun time with her 'Cave' and hid all her toys there in the end!

Look! There are four doors on my cave!
 She said 'Just let OTL try to get my toys now' you see the 'Cave' is about four feet long and OTL's arm is not that long!

Let's see him get them now!
Tonight we have a choice, a DVD or a film on the TV. I reckon we should hold a vote but the trouble is, there could be five options with five voters and five different results!

Mind you, I did get to see my favourite film last night, 'Babe' and I joined in calling out to the sheep and woofing at the sheep dogs and then cheering as the pig won the sheep dog trials!

I'll let you know what happens!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Wasn't it a warmer day today, there was enough wind for the kites in Folkestone and the Club Members sat in outside chairs. I sat in the van watching the kites and reading the newspaper!
    That ferret is very tidy, I must come round and get a few tips from Snowflake. She really has found a good home and I am glad that you two share it with her. Please tell, was it a DVD or a film on TV and did you have popcorn or ice cream? xxx

  2. Hi Girls,
    Another wonderful Daisy blog, I see the profile has been updated it include the white fluffy sterile Ferret called Snowflake.
    That Ferret never ceases to amaize me getting up to all those tricks, when are you going to teach Holly to stand on her nose?? lol XX

  3. Tell OTL that I love seeing his pictures Daisy, but your 'jottings'! are fabulous!
    E xx