Thursday, 4 April 2013

A New Type of Blog, well just for today!

And now, for something New!

Click on the Start Button!

OK, how was that?

Mind you, I think I prefer the written word, it's not so much hard work!

D,H & S


  1. loved the video ........... did OTL really shut you two out in the cold while Snowflake played in the warm????? Naughty OTL! xx

  2. Super video .. great fun ..Love the noise that Snowflake makes... But the girls must be cold wiv no coats on !
    E xx

  3. Well done Daisy, never knew you were so clever, how you managed to film yourself and Holly running I have no idea! Great camera moves on Snowflake as well.
    Chris x

  4. Oh Daisy thank you that was brilliant. Great fun. My next intrigue is to see you or Holly whizzing along the wall of death. It looks vertical in the photos so that would be fascinating if you are able to. No risks to either of you of course, do be careful xxx

  5. Hi Girls,
    well it saved your poor little paws not doing all that typing.
    Poor OTL, he does get out of breath with all that filming. XXX

  6. Well you have now had six comments so that must tell you something. It gives your paws a rest from typing but poor OTL seemed a bit breathless having to chase after you all. Now Snowflake is managing the stairs, I loved the bit where she dropped the ball and it squeaked down the stairs. We also get to hear you all which was lovely, you must do another when TM comes home. xxx and an extra one for OTL x

  7. Brilliant video :) You gave OTL a cardio workout though...heavy breathing LOL Nice to actually see and hear you all in action...I see a BAFTA in your futures if OTL can keep up the pace.xx

  8. Mm that's a shame. I can't access the vids from my ipad. I'll have to crank up the old PC... Some time later.. Great job.