Friday, 19 April 2013

Dampish Friday!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy, Holly and Snowflake!

After last night, we were a bit late in getting up, well, Old Two Legs had to get up at the normal time 'cos Snowflake was rattling her door wanting to have her morning slurp of Ferretone and then a rampage around the house!

We stayed in bed but The Missus got up and wandered around the house half asleep, as normal!

OTL had Snowflake out in the office while he cleared her Poo Pot and changed the drinking water. TM decided to march straight into the office with OTL's rabbit food breakfast, not remembering that if the door is shut, Snowflake is on the loose!

There was a sort of 'Dramatic Gasp' and TM stood at the door with just a cup of tea in her hand. She had put OTL's rabbit food down on the floor and Snowflake was licking the milk out of the bowl!

Quick thinking by TM but OTL had to fight Snowflake for his breakfast!

Off down to The Sea Wall where the tide was on it's way out, leaving the mud flats all wet with water, OTL said he liked the reflection of the light and the rain clouds on the horizon.

What ever turns you on, as they say!

It's the light you, I don't!
Holly thought that hunting for rabbits was more interesting than looking at the wet mud, so off she went playing the 'Big Black & White Hunter' Not that she found any but it was more interesting than wet mud!

Who is interested in Mud?
Back home it was Doggy Scoff and I was a bit peckish, so I had a chew from Holly's bowl first, then a nibble from mine. It didn't taste any better , but if your hungry, then anything will do!

We met up with young Barney #2 who got so excited to see us and get let off the lead as well. His owner says that we are the only digs he will allow Barney to play with!

That dog has a need to run and run he does! He ran around and kept bumping into me so I had to give him the 'Warning Woof' but being a puppy I don't suppose he really understood that I don't like his wet cold nose under my tail!

Watch it Woofer!
 He tried the same trick with Holly but she gave him a couple of woofs and he settled down, 'Settling Down' to him is 'reduce speed to 100mph'!

Watch it, Barney coming through!

 OTL was still working in the afternoon so we did what we do best, we had another snooze!

OTL has taught Snowflake a super funny trick and tomorrow when TM is out at her 'Glitter & Glue' party, OTL is going to try to film Snowflake doing it!

OK, that's all that really happened today but the weekend is here so we may have an adventure, providing it stops raining!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. No nice sniffs to roll in today? My money is on Snowflake to win a fight with OTL. Looking forward to seeing a video tomorrow, hope you girls are in it as well :) xx

  2. Hi Girls,
    God one about OTL's breakfast, that Snowflake is taking over.
    These Barney's are as mad as each other.
    Have a good weekend. XXX

  3. Why did TM put OTLs' breakfast on the floor? Just wondered, is that where he has to eat it? Does he eat his dinner from a bowl in the kitchen? Just wondered!!
    You didn't see any Wheatears today but Barney #2 made up for that, he is a real racer and glad the damp didn't upset you too much, you can always have another snooze. Enjoy tomorrow while TM gets all glittered and stuck up. xx