Sunday, 21 April 2013

Snowflake does her second Marathon

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy,, Holly & Snowflake.

We just love Sundays, OTL gets an extra five minutes in bed before we throw him out and take over the bed. The Missus gets up early, as normal, but doesn't turn on the 'Jet Powered Vacuum Cleaner' until OTL is in the shower!

Snowflake was getting all excited because she wanted to come with us, but before that, she wanted a slurp of Ferretone!

We took Snowflake with us again this morning and although she was shivering a bit to begin with, she had a great time sniffin the sniffs with us and OTL had fun not only picking up doggy poo, but today he also picked up Ferret Poo as well!

He said that he had 'Had a Result' 'cos we all had a poo close together and he only used one 'Poo Bag' for all of us!

That's what he means by having a Result, one Poo Bag, I mean, just how tight can he be!

He gets all happy over the strangest of things!

We didn't take the camera 'cos OTL says that two dogs and a ferret are enough for him to worry about without the camera as well! We did get stopped by some visitors who were walking along the Sea Wall and they took a picture of Snowflake, so she got her picture on someones camera after all!

OTL's daughter, Andrea, was running in the London Marathon today, dressed as Elvis, so we spent this morning in front of the TV trying to spot her in the crowd.

Of course, we didn't see her, too many other runners! We were tracking her via the web and saw that she finished in 4hrs 53mins 23sec, which is a darn sight faster than OTL could manage, even if he went on his bike!

Well done Andrea!

Our lunch time walk was most enjoyable 'cos the sun was out and OTL managed to find another ball for us to play with and this time the tide was out, so no chance of it floating away on the tide!

Can't Catch Me!
 Mind you, I did have a little paddle in the muddy pools and got a bit of mud on my paws, but not too much and it all came off before I got back into the car....................I think!

Mud, Glorious Mud!
 Holly and I had some fun playing 'Chase' with the ball, which was a little unusual 'cos she 'Doesn't do Balls' normally, maybe it was the sun that changed her mind!

I gorra the Ball!
There is one thing that Holly loves and that is Sunshine! She is always in a good mood when the sun is warm on her back!

Super Sunshine!
 Of course, while we were playing, OTL was hunting around the blossom looking for insects and this is what he found!

As busy as a Bumble Bee!
 Busy Bee, Busy Bee, Buzz if you want but don't buzz me!

You could make a song with that!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Well done to Andrea :) Sounds like you had a lovely day. Now I can see where OTL is coming from ........ 3 animals, 3 poos, 1 bag ....... big saving :)xxx

  2. Hi Girls,
    well done Andrea, well done and to OTL only using one bag, Ghess!!
    Lovely pic of Holly in the sunshine. Well all this talk about Poo at least you all left it alone today. XXX