Sunday, 7 April 2013

Snowflakes First Outing!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you today!

Hasn't it been a super day? The wind had dropped right off and the sun has been shining all day!

OK, when we went out first thing there was frost on the windows and Old Two Legs had to scrape it off before we could go down to The Sea Wall.

We got back and OTL finished clearing up after last nights fun and games. Holly and I had a carrot each and, well, they do crumble a bit when you're chewing them but they dry up over night and then OTL gets the vacuum cleaner out and gets rid of the carrot crumbs!

About ten thirty, we got a bit restless, the sun was shining and all OTL was doing was playing on his computer, Snowflake had been for a run around the lounge and hid another of her squeaky toys where OTL can't find it and we were all getting bored.

So, I did the old 'Puppy Look' and finally he got the message, WALKIES!

Holly suggested it would be a good idea to take Snowflake, well it was warm, no wind and  the tide was in!

So, here is The Movie!

We want to know why the hair on Snowflakes tail stands up like it does? We can't do that and we think it looks great!

We have made another version of this video but it is 219 MB long and Blogger won't let us load it up!

Maybe over the next few days we will up load bits so you get to see it all, a sort of serial!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & 'Super Star' Snowflake!


  1. Lovely video. Looking forward to the rest of the series :) xx

  2. A bushy tail is the sign of an excited ferret. This normally means a ferret who is enjoying herself, but when it comes with an exaggeratedly arched back, it's a ferret who's trying to tell another predator how tough she is. And you've almost found the right name for Snowflake's happy chuckling noise. It's known as "dooking" in the ferret world/

    I think OTL may have to learn the ferret owner's walk. This is the walk with one forearm held horizontal while the ferret either curls up and sleeps in the jacket or alternatively has her head stuck out so that she can have a look at the world going by without being exposed to a cold wind herself.

  3. Hi girls,
    smashing video. I see, was this was two pronged attack to help Holly catch a rabbit?
    Great stuff. XXX

  4. Loving the vids ladies :) Could I suggest you upload them to YouTube and then embed them in the blog? You can upload larger files and put them on the blog that way ... and there's less hassle with Blogger as well, as I found out from experience. Just a suggestion :)

  5. Wow, look at all those comments, certainly bringing your viewers out into the open, good girl, that what we want.
    Ferrets are fascinating creatures I never knew there was so much to find out, also PeeJay has taught OTL something that he can try then we can see more of these videos. Lovely seeing you all, I worried that poor OTL was going to have to squeeze down that hole, but no problem! xxx

  6. Well done PeeJay, OTL has uploaded it to YouTube so follow the link in tonight's blog to see the whole video. OTL still has a lot to learn about editing the film!