Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Beetle Bums!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

What a night! The rain just fell from the sky all night long. Holly reckons that the caravan was floating around the field and she even heard the ducks complain it was just too wet!

We were taken down to the forest path but neither of us wanted to go 'Walkies' even though we had our coats on!

So, we dug our claws in and refused to follow Old Two Legs.

Old Two Legs said that after he had got up early, got dressed up in his 'Wet Weather Gear' the one thing we were going to do was 'Go Walkies'!

So we got dragged along the path until we couldn't see the car and that's when OTL let us off our lead and continued to walk down the path.

We stood still and refused to move.

OTL kept walking and refused to come back.

In the end it was Holly who started to walk after OTL and in the end even I gave up and followed him.

We weren't happy about it but we did it!

When we got back to the camp site we all went in and we got a rub down to dry us off. It was then that we saw a crow sitting on the windscreen wiper at the back of the car, ripping the rubber wiper blade off!

Not good!

By the time OTL got out the damage had been done and the rubber wiper blade was in bits on the grass!

OTL Not Happy!

Lunch time came and the sun came out so off we went to Loch Torr again!

Look! Loch Torr, Again!
MacHolly spotted a Beetle crawling along the path, so, like all dogs, she stopped to sniff it's butt!

Pheew! You Honk!
A Beetles Butt is Terrible, MacHolly reckons it must have been rolling poo around with it's back legs! !

OTL took some photographs of the Wood Primrose and they looked good after the rain had washed all the dust off them!

Primrose in the Wood!
The burn was in full flow and of course OTL just had to take some more pictures!

OK, so, it's just water!
A bit further up the path we spotted a Buzzard in the trees, at first Holly thought it was an eagle but OTL confirmed it was a Buzzard.

This buzzard looked all mean and hungry and even flew over us, just to check we weren't black and white rabbits!

Mmmm!  B&W Rabbits?
After that we were looking over our shoulders all the time, just in case!

This road was better than the last time 'cos it was pretty, even though the trees had been chopped down and of course OTL was looking for some landscape shots.

Now, morning light would improve this one?
Pity it wasn't first thing in the morning or last thing at night, he might have got a sunset!

We are feeling a little worn out after the run, so, off for a snooze before dinner, then it's an all out mugging for some shortbread tonight!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly!


  1. Shame about the rain, it must have been bad if you girls didn't want to go walkies. Tell MacHolly all butts pong. :) xx

  2. Hi McGirls,
    another smashing blog with lots of great pics bet OTL is in his element.
    Luv Mike XXX

  3. Poor little pouches being made to go walkies, you get your own back on OTL when you are home and he doesn't want to go out!!! Great picture, what is TM up to? xx