Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gretna Here We Are!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here in a sunny Scotland!

We have only just arrived and have planted the caravan in a posh pitch, all mod cons, as Old Two Legs says!

The trip was, let's say BORING, BORING, BORING!

We soon got fed up with woofin at the Truckers and then we tried woofing at each other but we found out that The Missus woofs louder than all of us!

I then had a go at some 'Speed Sniffin' which was great fun, until MacHolly tried to shove me off the seat!

Me Speed Sniffin!
After a few 'Wee Stops' we crossed the 'Boarder' and landed at the caravan site where we always stay on our trip up to Scotland.

While TM was sorting out our dinner OTL and us went out to the football ground for a kick about and another wee!

When we got there OTL found out that TM had taken the balls out of the car!

I'm in Goal, Who's Got The Ball?
So we didn't get a kick about after all!

While I have been typing this, they have gone out to get a Chinese Take a Way, so not only do we get Chicken and Rice, we also get a bash at the King Prawns as well!

See you tomorrow when we get the the Isle of Mull!


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. Glad you've arrived safe and sound ........ look at you speed sniffin .......... Next time, you hide TM's crafting stuff until you're sure you have a ball to play with. Enjoy the Chinese ...... yummmmmm xxxx

  2. Hi Girls,
    wow look at you speed sniffing, hope you got some King Prawns.
    Have fun on Mull. XX

  3. King Prawns woweeeee. Shouldn't you be having haggis and shortbread with a wee dram on Scottish Whiskey and get TM to read you some Robbie Burns to wow you to sleep. xx xx And x for Snowflake

  4. Chinese for dinner how lucky are you puppies; leave some for TM & OTL!! Hope the next stage of the journey is just as boring, when you’re pulling a big van like OTL boring is good. Hope you’ve taken the TCP; a haggis has big teeth and can bite just like snowflake. xx