Friday, 10 May 2013

Snowflake has a new job!

Hello Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

The weather has not been as brilliant as it has been but first thing this morning there was enough sun to tempt Snowflake out with us for a run.

Before we could go out there was the problem of getting Holly out of bed. She is not known for 'Early Mornings' and prefers to stay in bed until the last moment, like Old Two Legs calling her down to go 'Walkies!'

So, here we are, I've got up early 'cos The Missus was crashing about downstairs getting ready for her Master Class this weekend. OTL woke up as well and I suppose me licking his ear helped!

Holly was still curled up in her bed, dreaming of food and nibbles!

OTL was up and showered and clearing Snowflakes stuff. Snowflake was also up and having a ferret around and getting into trouble, as normal.

OTL took Snowflakes drinking bowl into the bathroom to clean it out and refill, when he heard Holly starting to grumble, so, quick as a flash, he was into the bedroom to see what was up.

There, in Holly's bed was Holly, curled up in her sleeping position with Snowflake licking her nose!

That was it, Holly decided that enough was enough and got up, jumped over Snowflake and OTL and headed out to see if there was any food to eat!

So, OTL says that in future, if he wants Holly to move, he'll send in Snowflake to sort her out!

Me? I was on OTL's bed watching it all, safe and out of Snowflake way, I'm not daft!

Lunchtime we were off down the Sea Wall again and tickle me tail with a feather, there was the BBC TV News people reporting on the plans to build that airport in the middle of the Thames!

........and behind me is where Boris' Folly is planned!
OTL said we had to keep quiet when we went past, just in case they were transmitting. Holly said they should interview us and we could tell them to take the airport and woof off!

.......and it will ruin the Rabbit Bushes as well!
When we got around to where they were doing the interview, we found that they had all packed up and were just about to leave, so we didn't get interviewed after all!

So, it was back to Hunting Rabbit!

now, where are those rabbits?
Tomorrow we are off out early 'cos OTL has got to do some work, but it will be great for us 'cos we're going to be running in some new woods!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (the Knocker Upper!)


  1. Hi Girls,
    was you about to attack the bloke with the camera?, he looked like he was holding on to it for dear life. Glad you told them to woof off!! XXX

  2. How dare they not interview the most famous pups in Kent! I'm glad Holly told them to woof off & I hope if Boris the Bozo comes down that Snowflake gives his ankles a good chewing :-) xx

  3. It is all happening there again with the camera, I bet OTL could get some fine video with that camera it looks a bit big. Poor Holly getting a wet nose, still it got her out of bed and into the sunshine. Have a lovely weekend, keep safe from TM and her glue and glitter and watch out for that little minx. xxx