Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Omelet is getting Bigger!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

Well, overnight or early this morning Mrs Sparrow added another egg to the omelet, there are two eggs that we can see in the nest!

More Eggs for the Omelet!
That put us all in a good mood and Snowflake even decided that she would come with us for the morning walk, just to work up an appetite!

As normal, we want to go one way, Snowflake wants to go another, so, we go Snowflakes way!

It was a bit of good luck that she wanted to go towards the Rabbit Hunting Ground and Old Two Legs, spotting the direction, called us to put our leads on.

Snowflake, not wanting to stop, did her 'Reverse Wriggle' and slipped the harness and lead and legged it off towards the rabbit holes!

OTL took off after her and we were all going Hell for Leather over the grass tussocks, OTL trying to grab Snowflake whilst running at top speed!

We were running along side calling out to Snowflake to 'Get a Move On'!

Finally, OTL did a lucky grab and scooped Snowflake up in his hand and braked hard 'cos just ahead of him was the rabbit holes!

That was it, Snowflake was put back on the lead and marched off to the car, which she didn't mind 'cos it was a bit damp on the grass and her tummy was getting wet!

Back home to a Chicken & Biscuit nosh up before  heading for the sofa and a good snooze!

Lunchtime came and we were off into town to take some stuff to the carriers and of course, off to The Forest!

We planned to ambush some squirrels and maybe a rabbit or two but it was terrible! Loads of Two Legs marching about, yakking and making so much noise that even we were getting worried!

Yak, Yak, Yak, Yak, Yakky Yak Yak!
OTL was into his Bluebells again and anything else he could find.
OTL's Bluebells!
Not a single squirrel showed it's face, or tail and rabbits? Well we didn't even sniff any fresh poo!

No Rabbit, No Squirrel, No Poo!
 So that was it, back to OTL and his photo of the wood!

A Woodland Glade!
There we were, wandering along, sniffin the sniffs when all of a sudden there was three strange doggies intent on giving us a sniff! I don't like uninvited sniffs and I told them so!

Take your Cold Wet Nose and Woof Off!
So, that was it, back to OTL and the flowers!

Boring Flowers!
See you all tomorrow, I'm off to look for my sun hat!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Oh dear, what a naughty Snowflake ............... I bet OTL had something to say to her for making him run fast.
    And no rabbits or squirrels in the woods :( Archie is prepared to share the squirrels in our garden ...... and he'll show you the best squirrel poo to roll in :) xx

  2. Snowflake escaping is not good news, poor OTL having to rush like that, is he going to find a better way of leashing her?
    Beautiful bluebells as last, I can see us going bells hunting now to find our own. Love your stories, you make me smile. xxx

  3. Hi Girls,
    well done with the Bluebell OTL, the last shot is spot on depth of field wise.
    Snowflake, stop giving your master a scare, he is a bit old to take it. XXX