Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Us Checking Out The Sniffs!

Yo Ho Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here with you again!

First of all, Happy Birthday to Auntie Zoe, reached to four zero she has. Mind you, OTL reckons he would be please to reach four zero again but as Holly pointed out, it won't be long before her does but it will be a 'Double Four Zero' !

We had a super snooze last night, out like a light, as Old Two Legs says, well a slurp of the 'Water of Life' does help!

When we woke up it was cloudy but by mid morning the sun had come to see us and of course, that means a game of 'Chase the Ball' on the camp site!

We went up the Forest Trail and said 'Hello' to some sniffs we remember from two years ago and found some new ones as well. They have been messing about with the trees and have also cut a new road through the trees!

Hello Smelly, Remember Us?
 Of course, OTL was waving the camera at some flowers, Primroses I think they are called.

Highland Primrose!

Down on the sea front we had a walk along the front and said hello to the gulls and the tourist, (mainly old Wrinkly's like OTL &The Missus!)

Spot the Wrinkly's!
 To get the blog up loaded, we have to send OTL into town to a 'Free WiFi' shop, but it's not free really 'cos he has to but a cup of hot chocolate and sit an slurp that while the blog gets up loaded! 

He says that the pub has free WiFi as well but TM won't let him go in there!

In the camp site there is no phone signal, so no chance of up loading by the use of a 'Dongle'!

You know, OTL had to go for a drive up to the top of a hill to get a phone signal and while he was there he rang the Health Spar to find out how Snowflake was doing.

Well, she is having a ball, she has been chatting to the other ferret and has been let out to run around the bathroom for a bit of exercise, she even had a cuddle with the lady who runs the Spar and gave her a lick as well!

So Snowflake is having a ball and three-quarters!

Tomorrow, OTL is off to photograph the eagles again so we will spend the day with our paws up catching up on our snoozes!

Bye for now!


McDaisy & MacHolly (who has been rolling in something smelly but hasn't told OTL where it is!)


  1. I wonder if OTl will find the sniff???? Glad Snowflake is enjoying her time at the spa. Have fun girlies xxx

  2. Glad you arrived safe and are having a good time, that's the trouble with holidays you can't get a signal. Still it is the weather for hot chocolate so OTL will be in his element. Fancy driving up a big hill to check on Snowflake, I don't know. Sue sends her love to you all and carry on but mind those bad sniffs, TM will not be pleased. Looking forward to the eagle shots.