Tuesday, 21 May 2013

We have Arrived!

Hi The Noo Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here in 'Sunny' Tobermory!

We left Gretna at around seven in the morning, it was HARD!

I mean, we had to wake Old Two Legs up and kick The Missus out of bed very early in the morning, about five thirty I think it was!

Still, were up and rolling on time. Off we set and it was about twenty miles down the road that OTL suddenly noticed that he hadn't got a full tank of fuel, he had forgotten to fill up the night before!

That was it, we were desperately searching the sat nav thing to find a fuel stop that he could get the car and caravan in without causing too much trouble!

We finally found a garage in Lockerbie and only just made it 'cos the warning light on the dashboard was telling us the car was running on fumes only!

After yesterday boring ride, Holly and I had decided that we would make sure we got a 'Wee Break' every couple of hours or so and even OTL wasn't going to prevent us! You should see us when we start to whine and whimper and woof and give OTL the old 'Poor Me' look!

We got our 'Wee Breaks'!

After passing Stirling we even got OTL to lower the window so we could do some 'Speed Sniffin'!

That was great fun. Especially when we started to woof at the sheep and lambs who were trying to fall asleep alongside the road!

We went down Glen Coe and passed loads of mountains, all of which Holly says she could climb with no trouble!

Our first ferry ride was boring, I mean, we couldn't even see the water until we got off the boat!

The second ferry looked like it was going to be the same but before we got on the boat, we met up with a local who said he was called 'Wee Scruff Bag', well that's what everyone called him in the village!

He said he has seen loads of Dolphins in the bay and once he had seen an Orca wot got lost!

We thought he was trying to impress us 'cos nothing much really happened in his village!

We said goodbye and off we went on to Isle of Mull. It looked mostly the same as we had last seen it but it was good to be back. OTL planted the caravan and got everything up. You know, awning and the safety strap to stop the wind blowing the awning away! The Tibetan Prayer flags were fluttering in the wind, Holly says they are prayer for sunshine and super sniffs!

We went down to the High Street to do some late shopping and we spotted Sid The Seagull from the last time we were here. He was doing his favourite trick of mugging some chips from the people who had just got their dinner from the chip van!

Sid The Scrounge is still here!

It's nice to know that there hasn't been too many changes!

Tomorrow we hope for a run in the woods to see if the rabbits are still there, now that will be fun!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. Hi All I hope that you all have a good time.

    I have missed a few blog because the email system stopped working. I took a look after Mike said you was off to an island in nowhere land, That is OTL all over.

    Now to try and get the email working...

    Have fun

  2. Sounds like you are all enjoying yourselves up in macnorth. Looking forward to seeing if OTL gets any piccies of the eagles tomorrow. xxx

  3. Hi Girls,
    glad the trip went with out a hitch, no that's wrong the Caravan has one.
    Enjoy yourself and have a go at the wee rabbits. XXXX