Friday, 14 June 2013

A Shampoo & Set Day for us Girls!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again.

We normally love Fridays 'cos that's the day that Old Two Legs finishes early and we normally go out on long walks, but not today!

Holly was up last night with a 'Grumbly Tum', we were given one of our favourite 'Chicken & Rice' chews that OTL gets from the Doggy Shop, but Holly, being the greedy guts that she is, ate her one then pinched mine and finished that off!

Around one thirty she went down to the back door and did her 'Let Me Out I've Got A Grumbly Tummy' woof. So, OTL rolls out of bed and staggers down the stairs to let her out.

It was just after three that finds OTL staggering down the stairs again because Holly was calling and when she came back in, she had the 'Grubby Butt' and was in need of a wash!

That'll teach her to pinch my chews!

We were out for our morning stroll good and early 'cos today is the day we have an appointment with the Poodle Parlour for our Shampoo & Set.

 We met up with Max & Oscar, who, as normal, were just overjoyed to see OTL, Tarts!
Here come the Tarts!
 After a quick chat we continued our stroll and we had to drag OTL away from the flowers!

Not sure, but we're going back with the tripod and a flash tomorrow!

You know, I'm almost sure that is the same bug we saw yesterday, either that or it's his brother!

Didn't we see you yesterday?
We got our walk and rabbit chase done in time and was down at the parlour with about ten minutes to spare. So, rather than sit in the car we had a walk along the grass in front of the cages where all the doggies are kept while their owners go away on holiday.

We have never heard such 'whining and woofing and sounds of woe' as we heard today, there must be loads of people going on holiday! Of course, we just pranced up and down and calling out that we were on the outside!

It was shortly after that the doors opened and we rushed inside to try to be first in line!

We didn't make it to the front of the queue so we had to wait. I was feeling a bit insecure and jumped up to OTL's leg, which is my sign for him to reassure me. He crouched down and I jumped up onto his lap, it helps a bit and I feel safe as well!

While I was up there, Holly jumped up as well!

It helped, but not much, 'cos we know what is coming!

I won't bore you with the details, but we were washed, shampooed, shaved, clipped and roasted with a hot air blower!

It was Hell!

Back home Snowflake had the run of the office and was fascinated with the sniff of OTL's boot, she just couldn't work out what it reminded her off!
What have you been doing in here?
Then it dawned on her, it reminded her of the other boot!

Two fifteen OTL collected us, after paying out a fortune, Holly and I were out of there in double quick time!

Once in the car OTL got a lick from both of us and the command to 'Get The Woof Outta Here!'

Back home to our dinner that we missed out on this morning plus a cuddle from The Missus!

So, that's it, we are all super smart and trim looking, wonder how long it will last?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly &Snowflake


  1. I bet you two look extra pretty, if that's possible. Sorry to hear about Holly's grumbly tum, hope it's better now. Has OTL ever thought about a camp bed down by the back door, he seems to spend a lot of his night time down there, poor chap. Loved the flower piccies and the pic of snowflake exploring the boot. Archie sends kisses to the two posh looking girls who smell nice xxxx

  2. Hi Girls,
    poor Holly but it serves her right for being greedy.
    OTL shelling out again, you wait till tomorrow and you get a roll.
    Tell Snowflake to put a sock in it. XXX