Monday, 17 June 2013

Another Splash Day for Snowflake

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

What has happened to the weather? What about a 'Flaming June'? It's more like a wet autumn!

Talking about wet, Snowflake, (minus her rubber ring) has been splashing her drinking water all over the place again! Old Two Legs was getting a bit fed up with wiping the water up and cleaning the cage so, he has put the tray filled with water in the cage, then, just in case Snowflake gets all 'Tricksy', he put her drinking bowl in the water as well!

That was just great as far as Snowflake was concerned, in she went, scrabbling about, putting her nose under the water and blowing bubbles!

When she had finished playing 'Mermaids', OTL took her out and wrapped her in a clean, dry towel and gave her a good rub down, just like he does with us if we get wet!

Snowflake thought it was great fun 'cos as soon as he put  her back in the cage, she set off for the water tray and did it all again!

So, there was OTL, standing by the cage door with the towel, just like a Butler, waiting for 'Madam' to finish her swim!

It was so funny!

Talking of fun, we had a chase on the beach today, pretending we had dug a hole and covered up a 'Secret' and it was up to the other to guess what it was and where it was!

I went first.

I'll Hide it here!
 Then I call out 'Ready' and Holly comes bounding over the beach!

My Turn To Find It!

Holly spoilt it by rolling on top of her sand hole and shouting 'Leave Me Bone Alone!' That rather gave the game away!

Leave Me Bone..............Oops!
 OTL showed us some Cuckoo Spit, it wasn't a cuckoo spitting really, that's just an 'Old Wives Tale'!

OTL says Cuckoo spit is a white frothy liquid secreted by the immature nymphs of a sap-sucking insect known as a Froghopper.

Can you imagine a life where every time you had a meal, a big ball of foamy bubbles appears behind you!

Cuckoo Spit!
 As we headed back home this new doggy jumped up in front of us and shouted 'Boo'! Then he turned around and ran off laughing!

'Wot on Earth Was That?' says Holly, 'Dunno' I replied but he looks like one of those 'Doodle Dogs'!

A Doodle Dog!
OTL was looking for the flowers he photographed yesterday, you know, the one that looked purple colour. Well, he found it but the flower had closed right up, thus proving that it only comes out in the sun shine!

Flower closed up, no sun shine!
He still can't find out what it is called, so he has sent the pictures and an email to a botanists wot knows far more than OTL does about plants!

OTL stays away from plants if he can, it's the Hay fever thing you see!

Snowflake has spent the afternoon snoozing in her travelling cage, worn out from all the long distance swimming she has been doing!

We are busting to hear how Archie is getting on with his sore patch, is it plant or insect based?

See you tomorrow,


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Sounds like a good day of fun for you all :). Well, so far we know it's not mites. Still waiting for the vet to get the rest of the results in, maybe we'll go visit tomorrow if Archie is upto another cuddle from the vet. At the moment he seems to be doing quite good and is staying away from the bees nest, so fingers X'd. He's enjoyed todays blog and says watch out for them doodle dogs they can be mischief makers :) xx

  2. Daisy I love your 'My turn to find it' photo, a real action shot and you look like you're both having such fun. And who knew that ferrets like a bath or two? What a day!

  3. Hi Girls,
    Time for OTL to build a wet room for Snowflake. XX