Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hunting Artic Bears and Polar Wolves!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here with you again!

Well, what a fun day we have had today and it has lasted right up to ten thirty as we are doing the blog, late I know but blame Old Two Legs!

This morning we had to stay in the caravan 'cos it was raining, you know, that soft misty rain that doesn't look too bad to begin with but soaks you right the way through by the time you've gone just a few yards!

Needless to say, our walk didn't last too long and we were back to the van getting a rub down and a brush!

So, there we were, getting really bored, just snoozing or looking out of the window at the rain!

Even MacHolly decided to fall asleep against the foldaway table that the Missus does all her card making on!

If I woke up i'd be BORED as well!
Come lunch time the rain had stopped, so we grabbed OTL and off we went to Loch Frisa to park the car but went across the road into the hills and across the rocks to hunt for some rabbits!

We were in and out of the rocks and the ditches and we were getting really muddy and wet but we didn't care and we didn't let OTL get close enough to see what a state we were in!

He was too busy chasing a Veined Butterfly from bush to bush and when he finally pressed the shutter, he didn't notice that there were TWO butterflies in the picture!

We found a cave that MacHolly said that she could sniff Arctic Wolves and Polar Bears that had lived inside many years ago!

Bear, Wolf or Sheep?
OTL said it was more than likely some sheep droppings that had rotted away!

We even found a bridge and MacHolly suggested we jump off it into the ditch full of mud!

We still went chasing all over the rocky outcrops and even had a paddle in the burn while OTL was playing with a waterfall!

More Water!
Then of course, he just had to spot some Highland Bluebells. We're not sure what the difference is between English and Scottish Bluebells but it didn't stop OTL from taking their picture!

Highland Bluebells?
By the time we got back it was late, really late and we missed out on getting the blog up loaded 'cos the Choccy Shop had shut for the night!

TM suggested we go down to the Fish & Chip shop on the quay and get dinner 'cos she didn't fancy cooking tonight, so that's what we did!

It was funny watching TM while she was waiting for the fish to be cooked.

Sid the Seagull was sitting on the railings, waiting for someone to drop a chip or leave their chip paper open so he can mug what even they are eating.

TM went up to him with her telephone that has a camera built in and while Sid did his 'Pose', she took his photo, and, at the same time, OTL took a picture of her taking a picture of Sid!

This is my Better Side!
He didn't get any of our fish & Chips 'cos we kept them wrapped up in a bag until we got back to the caravan!

As we were eating, we heard a 'Tap, Tap' outside, it was that naughty Hooded Crow trying to rip the windscreen arm off of the car, again!

Crow Pie?
It's a good job we are going home soon or I think that OTL may just set a trap for that bird and ship him off to the mainland!

So, off to bed now and tomorrow we take down the awning and start packing up, all ready for an early start on Sunday morning!

So, bye bye for now, we're off to bed now!


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. Gorgeous pictures, sounds like another lovely day. I bet those fish and chips tasted good :) xx

  2. Hi McGirls,
    well wot a wonderful blog, the best yet. All the pics are fab, OTL did a proper waterfall instead of one of the "dreamy" type jobs. The ones of you two are just lovely and the Butterfly is good too. The best of the bunch to coin a pun is the Bluebell with the rain drop glistening in the sunlight. Keep my comments quite otherwise OTL wont get out of the Awning in the morning.
    So it's all over and you are packing up to come home. at least TM still has her phone it's a wonder Sid didn't "snap" it up. bom bom. XXXX

  3. I bet you are sad that you are coming home and wont be McDaisy and MacHolly until next year. Never mind all your usual haunts are here waiting for you and Barney will have missed you girls.
    It has been lovely reading about your antics and you seem to be able to get muddier there because OTL is too busy to notice. ha ha xx