Saturday, 1 June 2013

It's Bye Bye Time, but We'll Be Back

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

We were up a bit later this morning, being the last day we decided to take it easy today and not rush around too much!

We went for a walk down the Forest Path and said goodbye to all the sniffs! 

Then we stopped off by the Smelly Thing.

Bye Bye Smelly Thing, see you next year!
Old Two Legs also said Good Bye to the Fur Cones that were growing!

Bye Bye Cone Thingy!
Of course, he had to say good bye to all the mossy stuff over the trees and rocks!

Bye Bye Mossy Stuff and Lichens!
Back at the caravan Old Two Legs gave us a brush down and a 'Tick Inspection' and found one on MacHolly and THREE on me!

One of the ticks was on my eyelid, right in the corner!

As you would imagine, I freaked out and it was a bit traumatic and we got in a bit of a state!

Every time OTL came near me with the 'Tick Removal Tool' I legged it!

Finally OTL tricked me by pretending to brush my nose 'cos when he does that, he puts one finger over my eye so that the brush doesn't go in my eyeball, so, when he has the finger over my eye, The Missus starts to brush my nose and crafty OTL whips in with The Tool and zap! The Ticks gone!

OTL and I had a cuddle after that until I felt better!

McDaisy Feeling Better!

 MacHolly only had one tick but she got a cuddle as well and afterwards said she was feeling much better as well!

MacHolly, couldn't be better!
Next it was the packing-up, it started off with Old Two Legs taking the awning down and packing it away ready for tomorrow.

Then after that we went down to Aros Park where OTL wanted to see if the Rhododendrons had flowered yet!

Bye Bye Rhododendrons!
There were some other flowers but we didn't know what they were called, so we said.....

Bye Bye Yellow Flower Thingy!
It was a big shock when as we walked away the whole bush called after us......

Bye Bye Doggy Things!
Then it was a run around the lake side to see if there was any ducks who wanted a game!

Bye Bye Bluebells........Yoo Hoo Duckies!
MacHolly suggested that we go for a swim and I should be the first to try the water out!

I may like 'Deep Paddling' but there was no way that I was going in there swimming!

Busy with the camera trying to be all artistic with Wild Strawberries and Wild Garlic, we were hunting for Wild Rabbit but didn't have any luck what so ever!

Bye Bye Wild Strawberry!
Bye Bye Wild Garlic!
Next it was down to town to do a bit of shopping and get the car full up with Diesel ready for the trip to Gretna Green tomorrow.

Then it was Good Bye Tobermory!

Good Bye Tobermory
We got Doggy Scoff today and although I was starving, I held off until it was plain to see that TM and OTL had finished all their dinner!

So, tonight, we plan to watch a DVD (Lord of The Rings) and help OTL finish off his nibbles!
So, the next blog will be from Gretna, providing we can find a signal!

Bye bye for now!


McDaisy & MacHolly (Tick Free and Feeling Good!)


  1. I bet you'll be glad to say good bye to those pesky ticks. Safe journey home. xx

  2. Make sure you leave the McTicks behind, I enjoyed looking at all the pictures, Tobermory is very artistic and the wild garlic is my favourite. Safe journey to Gretna Green and see you there (hopefully). xx

  3. Hi McGirls for the last time, you will soon be back in England. Smashing blog again. XXX