Wednesday, 12 June 2013

OTL shows his age!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you again!

Today has been a day of sweat and tears and aches and pains and something strange in the pond!

Let me explain, as you remember me saying, Old Two Legs had half a ton of pebbles delivered so he could finish off the 'Rocky Patch' in the garden. Well, first thing this morning the man in the big truck turned up with the bags of rocks, all twenty eight of them, on a big wooden pallet!

He dumped them down on the drive where the caravan is parked. OK, that's no problem says OTL, thinking he is still young and fit. On goes his Boiler Suit and Industrial Work Gloves and he starts carrying the 25kilo bags around the back of the house. He started off all sort of bouncing along with a bag cradled in his arms but slowly he started to slow up and then his back started to give him pain and in the end he was staggering along with the last bag, sniveling and whinging!

Holly and I both went to the back garden, jumped up onto his lap and gave him a cuddle to make it all better! The Missus brought out a cup of tea but that didn't really help 'cos she had forgotten to put some sugar in it!

In the end the rocks were spread all over the area and, it don't look too bad, now he has got to do some weeding and sow some 'Wild Flowers', but that will have to wait until next year 'cos there are still some weeds growing on the patch!

Now, there we all were, looking out of the window at the garden discussing the birds and the pond and how good the rocks look when there was a big 'Plop' in the pond.

It was the sort of Plop you get when a fish flicks it's tail at a passing fly or insect. We didn't see any tail, in fact we didn't see anything, strange!

Holly says that it must be something that lives in the pond but we only know of the insects and the snails that have taken up residence since it was filled with water last year, very strange!

Holly says that until we find out what it is, she is definitely not going to be drinking any more pond water, no matter how refreshing it tastes!

So, OTL now has an aching back, he is all sweaty and pongy and in need of another shower!

It was a good job that he took us out for a walk at lunch time 'cos he had to get rid of the wooden pallet the rocks were delivered on and of course, you know what is near the rubbish tip, The Forest!

 Holly and I fancied a bit of Squirrel Hunting and OTL had his camera with him so he wouldn't be bored!

OTL's Hunting Bluebells!
 First I looked this way.

I Spy With my Little Eye
 I really looked hard but in the end couldn't see any squirrels, just birds and Holly having a sniff!

So, I turned around and headed off to a new location where I had seen squirrels before and ........

Still no Squirrels!
 This was getting bad, OTL got his Bluebells but I couldn't find a single squirrel!

Maybe tomorrow?

Well that's if the rain holds off and we get down the Forrest again!

Well, I'm off to see if the Doggy Scoff looks or sniffs any better than it did this morning when Holly and I both decided it might be a good idea to have a 'Fasting Day', I've sort of gone off fasting, especially when my tummy rumbles!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Presently out of the cage and 'Rampaging'!)


  1. You've had a lovely day watching OTL work, did TM join you in watching. I'd wait until OTL has showered before I'd give him cuddles :) xx

  2. Hi Girls,
    as Lazy Sunday says, keep away from smelly OTL although I would think he must have showered by now. Smashing Bluebell shot but that's our secret. XX

  3. You know what girl that OTL should act his age, carrying 25 k bag is for people 20 to 30 year younger that him. It is ok to act your age when you get to his. I bet you didn't see TM helping to carry bags of rocks.

    BTW I wouldn't do it.

    The Bluebells are in short supply round here