Monday, 24 June 2013

Wonderful Monday!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's the 'Famous Fr'ee' back again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

Well, last night Old Two Legs was on the computer doing a bit of research, like, Wot is a Reasonably Priced Caravan Site in Norfolk?

After loads of sites were viewed and rejected 'cos they were, (A) Could be full of Kids (B) Could be full of Old Geezers (C) Could be full of Caravans! (D) Too expensive (the real reason)

He managed to find one that suited his pocket and strange though it may seem, we've been there before!

So, he's booked a two week stay 'On Line' and told The Missus wot he'd done.

She was not a Happy Puppy!

Seems OTL booked the weekend that 'Ally Pally' was happening and the suggestion that TM go down on the train from Norfolk did not meet with approval!

In the end he had to re-book it but a week later!

There is no pleasing some people!

Next we had to book Snowflake into her luxury hotel again and make sure the swimming pool is warm enough for her!

So that's it, all sorted!

He did mumble something about putting us in The Kennels for a couple of weeks but we think he was joking!

Let's face it, who would wake him up if we were in kennels?

We visited The Forest this afternoon and had a great time chasing squirrels, well, we saw two but they were up in the trees and refused to come down!

OTL was doing his 'Flower' thing and first of all came up with an early Holly Hock, not very big or even exciting, but he took the picture anyway!

Holly Hocks to You Too!
Mind you, we spotted some Flag Iris in the little pond, so there was OTL, crouched down on his haunches, trying to hold the camera still and focus on the flower and at the same time not fall in the pond!

You see, he was using an old 55mm manual focus lens that is particularly good for macro work, but only when using a tripod and in a controlled environment, like indoors and no wind!

Still, Brownie Points for trying!

Flag Iris in the Pond.
Now that I think of it, there weren't many flowers to see at all, just a few mouldy looking blooms, well past their best!

You could tell he was getting desperate,  he even stopped and took a picture of a bramble that was waving about over the path!

Big Thorns and Little Thorns!

 When we got back, Snowflake decided that she should have her claws trimmed, so there was OTL with Snowflake resting on her back, on his lap and the bottle of Ferretone balanced on her tummy!

She was slurping away while OTL was clipping away with his nail clippers!

Snowflake always makes a fuss 'cos if she makes a fuss, she gets even more Ferretone.

She is just a Sneaky Ferret! 

I wonder if I could get away with something like that, you know, on my back being fed Choc Drops whilst having my tummy brushed?

Well, it's a thought!

We hope young Michael is feeling better, a bunged up nose is not good, for a start it gives you a head ache and second, you miss out on all the good sniffs!

Archie should be getting better with his rash, I remember Holly had something like that on her muzzle.  It took a course of anti-bionics and some careful washing to get rid of it, let's hope Archie is back to sniffin soon.

OTL says that with his hay fever, he can't sniff anything from June until September!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (The Sneaky)


  1. Sneaky OTL, watch him girls, he'll be booking you's into kennels and TM into a home while he goes on his own soon. Archie is getting better, he had another bath today, much to his disgust, he's never been so clean. I'm sure he is shrinking, but he is still sniffing, not even a nasty rash will stop him. Lovely pictures and way to go Snowflake with the ferretone :) xx

  2. Oh dear there must have been great trouble in "The Towers" when the holiday booking was announced, so glad it has all been sorted out. I hope TM doesn't read Archies' mums' comment about putting her into a home! Still it could be very peaceful and roomy, no cooking to do, all found whilst OTL would have to cook and clean! Pretty Holly Hock, the patterning is so delicate, lovely. xxx

  3. Hi Girls,
    yes it's me bouncing back after a miserable week with sinus troubles and the disastrous weekend.

    Poor OTL always wrong, still at least you are going away and that Snowflake can get some more pampering. Smashing Iris in the pond with cracking depth of field Grommet and he still managed to blur the background. XXX