Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hard Work for Snowflake

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

Well, today has been a sort of mixed day today, let me tell you.

It started last night, Old Two Legs was having a bad dream, we could tell that 'cos he was mumbling in his sleep and keeping us awake. We got a bit fed up and wandered off to the kitchen for a drink when we heard a big 'Crash' from up stairs and rushed up to see what had happened.

OTL had got to the part of his dream where he needed to jump out of the window to prevent paying for something, (we never found out what it was) anyway, with one almighty leap he flew out of bed, crashed into the bedroom wall and landed in Holly and my beds!

We ran upstairs to find OTL, rubbing his head, and trying to get back into bed!

Poor OTL, I gave him a good licking all across his bald patch, just to make it all better!

Snowflake was out early and we had a good run down on the Sea Wall and Snowflake even beat Holly and me back to the car!

Back home we were discussing what Snowflake should be wearing as 'Racing Colours'. She suggested Pink and OTL said Purple and I said Black and Holly suggested Green!

In the end we decided that she would wear her walking harness, which is pink, or, nothing!

A bit later on, OTL and The Missus, both sneaked off out without us, seems they both had an appointment with the Two Legs Vet, I think they call them Doctors.

Being all very old TM & OTL get injections against Flu and Pneumonia and Distemper and Hard Pad and I'm sure that there are Anti Flea stuff as well!

When they came back it was time to go for our lunch time walk, it shows you how long they were out!

Down on the Sea Wall, the local workers were out eating their lunch, some sitting in their cars and some sitting on the benches!

Dining Alfresco!
OTL went off looking for bugs and Holly and I just enjoyed the sniffs!

Searching for Pollen!
Back home we all enjoyed an afternoon snooze, well Holly, Snowflake and Me!

So, off for an evening of slurping for OTL and we get a bit of Shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. I have a large bruise on my arm Daisy ... Can I have a cuddle ?
    Love the flower and the Bee ... Smashing shot ! Xx

  2. Check that their noses don't go hot and dry girls. Lovely pictures. Hope OTL didn't do any damage to his head when he fell out or disturb TM :) xx

  3. Hi Girls,
    I think OTL was getting his own back after you kept him awake the night before. Great Bee shot. XX

  4. I think the Two Legs Vet is a bit ill-informed of Two Legs Ailments, so glad that I don't live near you. Poor OTL that was not a good thing to happen at his age, you must take better control of him. The bee photo was really good so I don't think any permanent damage was done, hope TMs' bruise doesn't prevent her from making cards, alot of people rely on her. xxx xx