Saturday, 13 July 2013

More Spying!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, the Spy Network, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

Well, today we have been hot, very hot. Our morning walk was fun and Snowflake enjoyed just a gentle jog and a sniff of the rabbit poo!

As planned, The Missus was off to her Master Class and Holly and I went off to the Kent County Show so spy on the Ferret Racing!

We got up there a bit earlier than planned but we made good use of the time by looking at all of the other stands there.

We said hello to the camels but I don't think they spoke dog! There were loads of steam driven machinery and even a thing that sounded like a band playing but it was steam driven!

We stopped off at the Dogs Trust stand, said 'Hello' and had a drink from their water bowl, in fact, the lady on the stand got us a fresh cold bowl full, it was super!

Back at the Ferret Racing Tent Old Two Legs had a chat while we kept an eye on the cages full of ferrets. Every so often they would get a lady come around to each cage and squirt water all over the ferrets, just to keep them cool!

At twelve forty five, every one moved out to the race course to start the race.

First of all they were all put in a box, after a squirt of water!

Here comes the first squirt!
 Then four were chosen to do the first race and were taken out of the box for a second squirt!

Number two squirt!
 Quick as a flash, they were put into the starting box and the count down began!

Getting ready for the Off!
The gate was lifted and they shot out of the box and down the tube! There was one who turned around and went back, then another shot forward over the See Saw and rushed for the bridge!

That's the See Saw done!
 The second See Saw was a doddle and onto the last bridge.

Coming into land, I think!
The only problem was, the ferret in the Blue Tube then sat down and licked the water off it's bits! That allowed the Green Tube Ferret to catch up and get to the finishing line first!

The Winning Ferret!

We made a note to get Snowflake to run all the way and out the end before stopping!

It was getting just too hot down there so we decided to go home and have a snooze! Back home we have been watching the bird box camera and we think there has been a tragedy, we haven't spotted any movement in the box plus TM found a dead bird on the patio yesterday. We  think that it may have been the heat that has taken it's toll and the baby bird just faded away.

Shame but as OTL says, it's just nature and there is nothing we can or should do about things that happen naturally.

Yeah, OK, but just make sure my water bowl is full to the brim please Mr OTL!

Tomorrow we are getting up early to get up there and let Snowflake get a couple of practise runs in before the real race, so, early to bed tonight and that goes for Snowflake tomorrow!

We will be there with our Snowflake Chant, it goes ...........

Go Go, Mate!
Go Go, Mate!
Go Go, Go Go, Mate!

Well, it sounds OK to us!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Ooh Daisy how exciting! I'm sure it's a good omen that a white ferret won the race. I so hope Snowflake has fun and wins tomorrow. Has she been squirted with water before though? Best take the TCP with you just in case she objects! Wish her luck from me x

  2. I love the chant, very good. Fingers X'd for Snowflake tomorrow. I'm sure OTL will make sure your water bowl is full :). Good luck girls xxxx

  3. What a 'catchy' chant Daisy... 'Take That' are reforming soon ... could be their new No1 !!

  4. Hi Girls,
    Well that Ferret race sounds very interesting. I didn't know there was so much involved. Hope Snowflake does well today and give her an extra squirt from us. Xxx