Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Snowflakes Got A Start!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

Wot good news! Old Two Legs got an email back saying that she can enter The Race!

She was so pleased that she rolled over three times and then ran up OTL's leg and jumped onto the desk, ran all the way around and back again!

So, that's it, OTL will be going to have a 'Face to Face' chat with the man on Friday, Holly and I will be up on Saturday for a wander around with OTL, but on Sunday, that is going to be the 'Big Day'!

The races are at 10:00 12:00 14:00hr and Snowflake fancies her chances in all three races! OTL says that we will have to see how the first race goes before deciding on what to do in the second or third!

Snowflake says that she will now double her training and has asked OTL to file her claws so that they will act as running spikes!

Ooh! That ferret, she is So Competitive!

We got a 'Love Letter' from the vets saying that Snowflake has to go in for a 'Booster' injection to keep her clear of Distemper, so, with some trepidation, OTL made an appointment for today at five thirty.

He was working away at five thirty when the vets called, 'Oh Shove It' says OTL but the vet people said that it was OK ''cos Snowflake is due her injection once every two years!

Who's a lucky Ferret then! 

Our walk at lunch time was interesting 'cos we saw a Bozo OTL Look Alike!

I mean, we thought that only OTL stood in front of bushes trying to photograph insects!

A Bozo OTL Look Alike!
 When we got down to the beach and found the tide was in but it was a bit windy with the wind coming in off the sea, so that means the waves were a bit bigger than yesterday!

Big waves!
 I thought it may be a good idea to have a swim and cool off but the nearer I got to the water, the bigger the waves got until right at the last moment, I decided that I didn't want a swim after all!

Too Big For Me
 While Holly and I were having a sniff, we could hear OTL grumbling away on the other side of the bush, seems he was trying to photograph a spider who was building a web in the force eight gale!

Focusing was proving to be .........difficult!

Knit One Purl Two Then Drop One!
 Back home Snowflake was doing some work in her gym on the running machine. The though of breaking into the racing business.

OTL has been giving her legs a massage and she has been getting extra Ferretone!

OTL says that they have terrier racing as well, so, you never know Holly and I might get entered in that as well!

I wonder if the do any OTL racing!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Glad to hear Snowflake has got a place in the races. Don't like spiders, they make me shiver.
    I can see Daisy being up for a race but not sure about Holly, I can see her sitting at the start waiting for everyone to come back :) xxx

  2. Good news on the race, that's terrific. If I wasn't away I would have chosen race day to come to the Kent County Show this year, we used to go every year at one time but now only occasionally. That does look like OTL, just goes to show he is not as unique as he thought (don't tell him). Enjoy the weather and keep out of deep water. xxx

  3. Hi girls,
    well that Snowflake should win with all that Ferretone inside her, best of luck anyway we look forward to hearing the result and seeing the medal.
    That Bozo looks like Trevor as he is all slim now after his diet and fitness kick. He also has one of them ere white lenses. XXX

  4. Ooh Daisy this is getting so exciting. Has Snowflake decided on her racing colours yet? TM is sooo good with colours I'm sure some consultancy would be valuable for designing her silks x