Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Wet Bank Holiday and a Load of Codds Wollop!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

We got up a little later than normal this morning, that's 'cos we stayed up late last night. Well, we had loads of singing and laughing and running around the garden!

When we did get up and looked out of the window, it was raining!

You know, that's just not fair!

It stopped long enough for our morning walk, but the wet grass did it's best to give us a good wash!

We had a run on the beach and the ferrets played a game of 'King of The Castle' on one of the breakwater posts!

Gerroff! It's My Castle!
In the end it was Snowflake who shoved Mr Brambles off and claimed possession!

Mine all MINE!
 That was until we reminded her that she had to pay council tax on a castle and she decided to forgo the pleasure of becoming a house holder and stick with Snowy Heights in Old Two Legs office!

As the tide was out I spent some time mooching along the beach looking for interesting sniffs but the rain had washed most of them away!

Not much today!
 Snowflake said she had found a 'Super Sniff' but it turned out to be a pile of Sea Gull Poo!

It sniffs all Fishy!
 Holly said she was rather bored with it this morning, no interesting sniffs and too long waiting for OTL to move the ferrets along!

No Running, No Sniffs and it's raining
Holly doesn't do rain and it started to spit, so, that was it, back to the car for a rub down and back home to 'Doggy Scoff'!


Now, to add insult upon insult, they all went out leaving us at home! The lame excuse about dogs not being allowed into Rochester Cathedral or the local museum was a fabrication!

But leave us they did.

Mind you, it was absolutely bucketing down, so I don't think that we would have liked it too much, especially if we had to stay outside tied to the railings!  

Inside the cathedral OTL was snapping away in the Crypt!

A Quiet Spot in The Crypt
 Then he got fascinated with the arched ceilings.

Taken from ground level.
You could tell it took a long time to complete and at one spot you couldn't decide if it was going to fall over or they intended it to be wobbly!

Looks very wobbly to me!
Of course, The Missus just  had to visit the local craft supplies shop and in the end brought nothing and was late for church as well!

Naughty TM!

Late Again!
In the Museum they had a section on Dickens, of course, but it looked very Dark and Victorian, too gloomy for me!

But we did enjoy the bottle of Pop and the description.

What a Load of ............!

You didn't know that did you?
See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Oh Daisy, doggy scoff???? how dare they? they should be ashamed to give you doggy scoff when they have visitors, particularly as they went out and left you! Poor Daisy & Holly, all I can say is they better bring you home a decent doggy bag from the posh restaurant they're all going to tonight. Lovely Piccies. I think Mr Brambles needs to put his paw down with Miss Snowflake, she's taking liberties pushing him off the top. :) xxx

  2. Hi all,
    Poor Holly being made to go out in the rain and then Doggy scoff. For tea. Wow OTL and Rochester Cathederal, good shots OTL must work on the converging vertical so mime out of ten. He he (as Trevor would say).
    Bet you are being spoilt rotten. XXX