Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ooops! I Dun It Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

We are getting a bit fed up with Old Two Legs working all the time. We thought that when he retired it would be all fun and long walks!

It is the middle of the 'Holiday Season' and he's out almost every day, there are loads of stuff to take to the carriers and we're stuck at home with 'Old Inky Fingers' as Holly calls The Missus!

We really only get a bit of fun first thing in the morning when we get down the Sea wall.

Today, when we left the car, we got put on the lead 'cos OTL was getting fed up with Holly deciding to go the long way around, I wanted to go the short way and Mr Brambles wanted to go through the bushes and Miss Snowflake doesn't want to get down from OTL's arm 'cos it's too cosy and warm!

So, we arrive at the 'Rabbit Patch' and OTL lets us off the lead and off we go in search of those pesky rabbits!

Miss Snowflake stays in OTL's arm while Mr Brambles decides he wants to go backwards to the sniff he sniffed, just where OTL parked the car!

Finally we all got to the top of the hill and there, in the distance, on the path, sitting very still, chewing on some grass, sat two big plump juicy rabbits!

Holly and I started our 'Stalk', that is slowly walking towards them.

'NO!' says OTL, 'HERE!'

Fat Chance!

We were off, like a pair of rocket powered rabbit hunting bolts of lightening!

OTL tried a few 'Come Here's' and a couple of washed out whistles but even he gave up and went back to chivvying the ferrets along the path.

After a good chase, Holly was the first to crack and went off to find OTL who was by now on the beach with Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Snowflake reckons she left something on the beach yesterday and was scrabbling about looking for it.

It's here somewhere!
 I then decided to join them all on the beach and crashed onto the beach kicking sand and shells all over the place. I went chasing after the sea gulls on the rocks then decided to go for a paddle in the mud.

Me, getting Wet & Muddy!
OTL tried yelling at me to 'Get Out' but he was too far away, so he had no chance!

After coming out of the water I decided to have another go at the rabbits, so off I went up the back path and into the bushes.

You know, it took OTL a good ten minutes to find me!

OTL was not happy and I decided that I was in the Poo, again! I could tell he wasn't happy 'cos he clipped the lead onto me and marched me and the ferrets back onto the path that leads home!

All the way back, the ferrets were taking the mickey out of me, calling me names like 'Muddy Mutt' and 'Pongy Pooch'

 Holly was left off the lead and the ferrets kept their distance!

Don't get near her, she Pongs!
Mr Brambles is getting stronger all the time, he was running nearly all the way around the pathway today and OTL only had to pick him up a couple of times when he wanted to stay and sniff rather than keep up with everyone else!

When we get back, the ferrets go off to get some food and drink, then they crash out for most of the day. I've never known an animal sleep so much!

Holly and I enjoy a snooze but we're always up and ready for a game if it presents itself.

Unfortunately, TM had to take us for a run at lunch time and it was all boring grass darts, no rabbits and horses!

Maybe OTL will be back soon, at least we will get a game!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Poor Daisy, so misunderstood, Archie thinks you look lovely in your mud pack ..... He loves pongs. So glad to hear Mr Brambles is improving with his walks. I see Holly goody girl didn't get into strife today. That Miss Snowflake sounds like she's getting a tad lazy sitting in OTL's arms. I think it's time you put your paw down and insisted OTL has a few days off so that you can have some fun. Tell OIF she must let you have a little chase :) xxx

  2. Oh dear, in the POO again Daisy. XXX