Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturday and the sun gets lost!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here having fun!

Well, what did you expect? Saturday, The Missus gone to her all day Glue, Gas & Glitter meeting.

That means Old Two Legs and us get to have some fun without being told off for rushing through the house playing chase and jumping on the furniture!

First thing, we were out down the Sea Wall, didn't see any rabbits but we had fun chasing each other up and down the beach.

Snowflake fell asleep in OTL's arm on the way to the beach and only woke up after OTL had put her on the sand and Mr Brambles had given her ear a good lick!

'Where am I?' she said and we all had a good laugh about that!

OTL had to do some work this morning, so there he was plonking away on the computer and packing up stuff that is going out on Monday.

However, lunchtime came and after a light lunch we headed off to The Forest!

Now, we haven't been down the forest for some time, so, lots to catch up on!

There was a notice on the gate telling us that Highland Cattle were running free in the forest eating all the bracken and stuff, so keep dogs on a lead and under control!

Yeah, Under Control, Right!

Off we went, sniffin' the sniffs to catch up on who has been around.

Sniffin' The Sniffs!
 We kept sniffin' to see if the cattle were close but there was nothing on the ground or the air. Now that was a bit strange 'cos we kept coming across these dinner plate sized poo pats that ponged of cattle!

We carried on and kept an eye open for them.

OTL spotted a Dragon Fly flitting about and tried to catch it in mid flight. He did, but not very successfully!

A Fuzzy Flitting Fly!
 We carried on the path and I was looking for the squirrels that lurk in the Forest but there was no sign of a Squirrel Tail anywhere!

There be No Squirrels Here!
This was getting bad, I mean, leave the forest on it's own for too long and what happens? Cattle move in and hide in the bushes so we can't find them, Squirrels hide in the trees and don't even bother to shout down that they can see us!

Was that one?
We even tried keeping very still and listening for any movement but other than a couple of tree trunks rubbing against each other in the wind, there were no animal sounds what so ever!

I Spy With My Left Eye!
 Further along the path we came across six big Bozo Labrador dogs running and charging about. I got a bit scared and jumped up onto OTL's lap. He put his arm around me and lifted me up, out of the way of a big fat Bozo who wasn't too friendly!

OTL immediately stood up and I was hoisted out of Bozo's reach.

It was then that I started to woof and growl at the Bozo knowing he couldn't get to me.

For some reason OTL wasn't too happy with me doing that, maybe it was the three Bozo's who were sniffin' around his pockets and trying to jump up at me that was worrying OTL!

We knew OTL would keep us safe and soon we were away from the Bozo's and on the other side of the fence!

On our way home, OTL stopped at the local Tesco's and purchased a carton of Lactose Free Milk and a carton of Goats Milk!

Now we know that the Ferrets get a bit of a tummy upset after mugging OTL for his Milk & Wheaty Bangs in the morning, so, we are going to try out this new stuff.We don't know what it tastes like but it should help prevent the ferrets 'Projectile Poo'in'!

Holly is into milk and woofs it down in no time but I'm not so keen. I'll have a slurp but it's not really my thing.

However, I will at least give it a try, let's face it, you've got to try everything at least once, even Doggy Scoff!

Back home we noticed that the second Water Lily flower had bloomed, but this one is Yellow centre with white petals on the outside. More of a 'Traditional' Lily Flower!

The 'Traditional Lilly'!
So, that's our day done. We are waiting for TM to come back from her 'Glue, Gas & Glitter' day. That should be fun 'cos we make a big fuss of her while OTL has to bring in a load of her card making stuff.

You know, all the stuff she takes and it is 'Loads', she normally only makes one card and that's it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. What a lovely day. All that playing in the house and the walks. I wonder if the squirrels chased off the cattle? Archie was very interested about the bozo's ........ he had a nasty experience in the week with a bozo cat. I hope the new milk stops the projectile pooing ....... not nice. I bet TM missed you both all day. :) xx

  2. Even with the Holly leaf and the arrow neither of you were looking up, no wonder you didn't find any squirrels.
    Now about today, I was very disappointed that you didn't come to the Crop, I thought that you all were coming, especially as I made a special request yesterday.............. Booooooo Hooooooo

  3. Should have followed the Holly leaf, that's where the squirrels were LOL
    I see your master got told off for not bringing you to the crop, she was so looking forward to meeting you all. XX