Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ooops! Late Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here at last!

What a day of running around we have had today or as Old Two Legs would say, 'A Day of Ducking and Diving!'

Not that I have tried diving 'cos I've only just learnt to swim!

OTL has been playing with his big camera again and said that he wanted to convey a sense of speed.



So, he got me to run past him at my top speed and he was clicking away, as normal. However, when I looked at the picture I sort of see what he means!

Speedy Meeee!
The Missus really hates us!

After coming back from the morning promenade on the Sea Wall we got presented with our breakfast......Doggy Scoff!

Holly and I were not amused and Holly says we aught to pack our bags and leave home. The only problem is, who would have us?

You could see we were not Happy Puppies 'cos when TM switched the TV on we stuck our bottom lip out and sulked!

Bet you wouldn't want to eat Doggy Scoff!

 Lunch time, that's a joke, all there was for lunch was Scoff! Anyway, off we went to the Sea Wall and as the tide was in I decided to have a swim. The big problem was, I couldn't find a stick for OTL to throw!

He had a brilliant idea, he threw a stone into the sea and I chased in after it, discovering a little too late, stones don't float!

Swimming after stones!
That was it, Doggy Scoff and Sinking Stones!

I decided that the best thing I could do was to go home and have an early night!

Unless we find a good home for us where we get Chicken and Lamb and Beef and Venison and Nibbles and Milk and, and, and, well you know what we mean!

See you tomorrow, we are off now to see Long John Silver (Michael) 'cos he is out of hospital now.

I bet he don't get DS for his dinner!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. You poor things doggie scoff and not even a stick.
    The only good thing today was the fast action shot. Never mind a good licking later. XXXX

  2. Lovely action shot Daisy, loved the swimming shot as well but I was saddened to see you lovely girls looking very hungry again. You and Holly can come live with Archie anytime. Don't worry Daisy, I'm going to shame TM on Sunday, I'm going to tell all her friends about her spending her doggie dinner money on crafty stash, the might not sell her anything then ............ Booooooo Hisssss TM ............. naughty lady! Go snuggle up to OTL this evening. :) xxx

  3. I would offer you a home here with our Jasper BUT Jasper is a Bozo Labrador and all he has is Doggy scoff, carrots and biccies and whatever he can mug from us so I guess you're best off with OTL & TM and what would Snowflake & Mr Brambles do without you. Keep up the good work on your blog, Daisy love reading about your adventures xxxx Annie

  4. I hear that TM is off to the place that sells her glitter/sticking stuff she has worked out how much more she can spend there if she gives you doggie scoff. Watch OTL or there will be a small bowl of doggie scoff for you as well on the kitchen floor. Watch out it is supposed to rain tomorrow so you will need to take your macs. What a speedy girl you are, I bet Holly was left behind on that one. xxxx