Thursday, 19 September 2013

OTL's Paddling to Greater Heights!

Hi Woofers!

We're here again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We had a laugh this morning, at Old Two Legs expense!

First of all, he was up just after six so he can get his paddle around the office on the rowing machine. The ferrets got up to say 'Good Morning' but returned to bed quickly as they get a bit fed up watching OTL paddling around. Snowflake says it's just like watching a slow game of tennis, you know, plonk.....plonk.....plonk.....plonk!

After a while you get an ache in your neck or get to feel sea sick!

OTL on the other hand seems to be making headway, in stead of worrying about falling off the machine, he now has time to day dream as he ploughs his way through the waves and whirlpools of the office!

This morning he turned the TV on to watch the news while he was sloshing about. The problem is, he has to watch it in the reflection of the glass front of the wine cooler, so everything in in reverse, which confuses the hell out of the Old Boy!

This morning he is watching the weather forecast and trying to get his brain around a reverse picture of the map of Europe when he suddenly realised that the stroke count on the rowing machine had reached five hundred and fifty!

Well, that was it, he decided that as he was at that count, he would carry on to Six Hundred, which he did!

Will he keep it up?

That's the question!

It was a little overcast this morning but that didn't stop Mr Brambles from having his morning 'dig' on the path.

OTL says  it's more like 'Skid Marks' than a proper hole!

That's not a Skid Mark!
Down on the beach OTL found a lump of wood and threw it down the beach for us to chase, I ran after it and it was only when I got to it that I noticed the tide was right out, so no swim for me!

Holly, on the other hand, thought it looked remarkably like a stick she had buried a few days back and woofed at me to bring it back to her!

Yeah, on yer Bike Sis, this is mine!

....and that's when the fight started!
 Snowflake and Mr Brambles didn't take any notice of us two scrapping in the sand. They were too busy digging holes in the sand and sea shells!

My Hole's Better Than Yours!
 OTL called us to head back to the car and the ferrets shot off 'cos they wanted to get to a sniff they spotted on the way down to the beach and wanted to investigate it in more detail!

Wotcha Sniffin' Mr Brambles, is it a Stoat or maybe a Weasel?
In the end they decided it was Poodle Wee and carried on chasing each other all the way back to the car!

 Breakfast was much better today, Chicken and Biscuits followed by a nibble of carrot. We reckon that Annie's offer of a 'Good Home' with Jasper shocked The Missus into action on the food front. We reckon that the thought of us leaving home was too much, I mean, if we left she would have to go back to soap and water instead of us giving her a 'Morning Lick'!

We headed off up to the office where I knew OTL had hidden my chew for me, so while Holly was making the most of the carrot, I sneaked off under the desk and spent some time 'Chewing the Chew'!

Holly was not happy but I didn't care, OTL was there to stop her pinching it!

Unfortunately, OTL had to go out to work this afternoon, so we spent our time snoozing on the sofa, just like little dogs should do!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. A good day then with good scoff by the sounds of it. Those ferrets get good entertainment in their room. I think TM has seen sense, there's plenty who would love to give you girls a good home. Just make sure she keeps up the good work or your fans will be on her case ;) xx

  2. Yep good ol TM hope that's your last can of Doggy Scoff.
    Those Ferrets sue are having a good time on there walks and its good to see them so lively.
    Lastly thanks for coming to see me last night it was great to see you both.
    luv Mike xxx