Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Rochester Boat Song?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Yesterday was great fun and we were very tired by the time we went to bed and I must admit, we even over slept this morning!

The ferrets were rattling their door 'cos they expected to be let out about half an hour earlier!

As we snoozed on the bed, OTL was in getting showered but before he did that he poured out the Lactose Free milk for the ferrets and they both dived in and didn't stop slurping until it had all gone!

Mmmmmm Milk!
Holly and I carried on snoozing, we need all the sleep we can get 'cos we expect to see Sassy and Tilly again around lunch time!

OTL has made arrangements to pick up his Rowing Machine around midday, so we have been discussing what songs OTL should sing as he paddles down his (pretend) river!

Snowflake says maybe he should try some 'Water Music' and Mr Brambles says that knowing OTL it should be 'Bubble Music'!

Holly reckons that he will need to keep time, sort of like walking or marching music like 'Colonel Boggy'!

In the end we decided that we will have to make up our own 'Rowing Song' to keep him going!

Holly wanted to know if OTL knew how to work a rowing machine. Well, let's face it, he falls out of bed and that doesn't even move, so a sliding, wobbling, whirling rowing machine might very well throw him off before he gets going!

So, the first lines have got to be :-

Steady as you go, my fatty sailor man
Keep pulling on the oars, keep straight if you can,
Don't worry 'bout the other boats, we warned them yesterday
That your not looking where your going, so be careful if you can!

OK, so we've got to work on it but it's not that bad for a start!

I reckon that he should have a big drum mounted on the front of the machine and us woofers can beat time with our tails. Mind you, I don't know what would happen if someone shouted 'Walkies' and we got excited and doubled the drum rate!

He might have a heart attack!

Well, we went off and collected it and it looks 'The Business'. It's big, heavy and on the good side, it doesn't make too much noise!

So, after reading the instruction manual, OTL got it set up and going!

He said that what he needed was a 'Bench Mark' to base all future results, so, he sat down and paddled away for ten minutes.

He has decided that ten minutes a day will be enough to begin with!

Well, he did four hundred strokes in ten minutes and that is 40 strokes a minute, not exactly Olympic Standard but he has to start somewhere!

We'll let you know how he gets on and how long it is before he decides to sell it!

See you tomorrow, providing he doesn't sink!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. Well done OTL. Well done girls for the song, I think it's great, I just wouldn't sing it in his hearing, he might not like being called Mr Fatty Man. Get TM to take a photo of him. Has he got a buoy in case he goes overboard? Happy boating all :) xx

  2. As you are near the seaside why not get OTL to get a proper boat the you could all go out it is and shout "hi you land lubbers".
    He would then be closer to the action if he wanted to take pictures of birds. Now there's a thought!!