Monday, 23 September 2013

We are Here!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We have arrived and got the caravan all parked up, in line with the wooden stake that denotes the parking (Pitch) number. 'Cos if you park on the Hard Standing like wot we have you have to make sure that the caravan is correctly parked, all square with the road and in the correct position 'cos The Warden comes along and makes sure you are obeying the rules and if you don't, you can get thrown off the site and banned from The Club!

They are really strict on these caravan sites!

What is worse, all the other caravan people are sitting in their caravans, looking at you parking and then they give you points for straightness and how well you put up the awning as well!

On the way up here we had some fun 'Speed Sniffin' once we got to the forest bit, it was great!

Speed Sniffin |through The Forest
I seem to remember that there were loads of squirrels here the last time we visited but so far I've not seen any sign of a Fluffy Tailed Squirrel!

Here Little Squirrel!
We hunted all the way around the Dog Walking bit and Holly even had a poo on the path!

Then she found the Old Seat we use to sit on and jumped up to survey the area. It was then that she sat down and said...........

Now, What's for Dinner?
Typical Holly, always thinking of her tummy!

We soon headed back to the site and wandered down the main roadway looking at all the other caravans parked up, some were a bit wobbly, so they may get a telling off from The Warden!

Look! That ones's Wobbly!

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, OTL says it depends on the weather, so we will have to wait and see, Forest or Beach?

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Glad you've all arrived safely. If that warden moans, just tell him how famous you all are, there's OTL Atlantic rower in the making, TM, future famous artist, Holly the hungry and most famous of all, Daisy the blog typing woofer. He'll be bowing to you all before you know it. Archie says if you can't find any squirrels come round his, he has loads of squirrels in his garden. Sleep well in that lovely fresh Norfolk air and love to Snowflake & Mr Brambles when OTL rings to see if they are having a good time at their posh hotel. Hope the weather is good to you all. :) xx

  2. Well done to Lazy Sunday, a really good comment. Love the pic of you both with TM, she looks very happy to be on her hols and I hope the Warden is pleased with OTL's parking skills. Early days for squirrels, they will soon be out of their hiding places to "Spot the Woofer", see who spots who first. Have a lovely time and I hope you manage to keep Blogging or we will miss you. xxxx xx