Sunday, 13 October 2013

And Didn't it Rain!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

What a wet day today down in this part of the world!

We were up good and early to get all of The Missus gear shipped to the Village Hall for the second of her 'Master Classes'. This one is for 'Journals' and as we see it, it is a book of classy designs, loads of ink sploshing and stencils and air brush machines and other technical stuff!

Now normally if you do a picture or card and it doesn't work out or you make a mistake you can screw it up and start again, but you can't do it with this 'cos it's a book of stuff and you can't afford to make a mistake or the whole book is ruined!

Dangerous stuff this crafting!

When Old Two Legs started to load up the car, the rain started as well, then it came down a bit heavier. Holly and I stayed indoors!

OTL called me to jump into the car and get ready, so I rushed down the path and straight into the back of the car, tripping over TM sandwiches!

Next OTL called Holly who came to the front door, looked out, decided she would pass on the promised walk and returned to the comfort of the sofa!

It took OTL to go and pick her up and transport her under his arm to the car!

Not a Happy Puppy!

Well, she was right, as soon as we got to the Sea Wall and got out of the car, the Deluge arrived and we all got soaked. Even the ferrets wanted to go back! Mr Brambles was straining on the lead to get back, Holly was sitting in the middle of the field refusing to go further, Miss Snowflake ran up OTL's leg so he had to pick her up and as soon as she got into his arms she buried her head in his coat.

Then she did a wee over his hand 'cos although she didn't like the rain and wanted to keep dry, she really did fancy a wee!

We all had a laugh about that back in the car!

Back home we all got a rub down, for the second time, and Holly and I crashed out on the sofa to watch the F1 racing but immediately fell asleep!

Mr Brambles had his breakfast and also fell asleep!

So that left Snowflake and OTL to have a game with her squeaky toys!

First My Bone!
 Snowflake likes the bone 'cos the squeak has gone so she pretends it is squeaking and laughs all the way down the tunnel!

As soon as the toys were stashed down in the box, OTL would empty them back into the paper box an off we go again!

I remember this one from last time!
 It amazes us how much fun a ferret can get from moving squeaky toys around the room. Snowflake just loves putting them in 'Safe' places where OTL can't find them, but he always gets them in the end and off we go again!

Now, just put that one back!
We have been using the camera without any flash or lighting so just for a laugh, using Photoshop, I have 'Inverted the colours of Snowflake and came up with this picture!

She does look Grumpy like this!

I'm not a Grumpy Ferret, I'm a Grumpy Ferrets Mum, and I'll keep on being Grumpy 'till Someone Tickles my Tum!
Pretty soon OTL had to pick up Snowflake 'cos she had fallen asleep in the box. So he carefully put her into her bed and left her to snooze the afternoon away!

 Lunch time came and the rain was still raining and the ground was getting wetter and the pond was full to the brim!

Getting Full!
Holly and I decided that it may be a good idea to stay in doors and keep dry! OTL had other ideas!

Off we went and you know what? It stopped raining the moment we got there! Holly and I were off chasing rabbits as soon as we got out of the car, it took OTL quite a while to find us both!

We met up with Mr & Mrs Corvid who were having a snack on the breakwater.

Just a Snack at Lunchtime!
 Holly spotted an old fork on the shore and reckons a Wormy Man had lost it or the fork had lost the Wormy Man!

Wot! No Wormy Man?
The sky didn't look too inviting, so we didn't hang around too long and headed back to home

Dark Clouds full of Rain
 When we got home OTL said that TM had left some food for us!


That's it, she is not going to get a welcome lick when OTL brings her back, were on strike, no decent food equals no licks!

We are going to cuddle up to OTL tonight, TM has blown out all together!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly (Both Starving Hungry), Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

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  1. Oh that naughty TM ............... what can I say girls? I don't blame you for snuggling up to OTL tonight and giving that evil TM the cold shoulder. Loved the pictures today. Have to say I had a little giggle when I heard Snowflake did a wee on OTL's hand, do you think she's trying to tell him it was a wet day.
    Snowflake does look a little grumpy in that photo ............ mind I'd look grumpy if someone had made me walk in the rain. Enjoy your snuggles with OTL later and maybe he'll let you mug him for some of his goodies, you poor starving, neglected little pups :( xxxx